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Mouth full of ulcers and sores ☹️


Yesterday I woke up with these painful sores and ulcers in my mouth and on my tongue. It filled me with dread as last time I had this, it was the start of a really bad flare.

I’ve been more tired than the normal tiredness the last few days and getting increasingly worse pain as the weeks gone on.

Well now I’m almost certain I’m going to have a flare, I hope to god I’m wrong cause obviously could do without this right now 😕

I’ve informed the other half, and he made me have a lovely afternoon nap today before he went to work.

He told my six year old (Emma) to be a good girl for mummy tonight and to wake daddy up in the morning not mummy cause mummy needs to rest.

How lovely and lucky am I, exactly the words I needed to hear today 😊

Anyway going forth I am going to try and relax, not over do it and grab the opportunity for sleep as much as I can.

I hope your all well xx

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Hi, I see your post on lupus forum; I. do not know much about lupus, but I have read mouth sores in mouth are symptomatic for lupus and also a side effect of methotrexate. Would that pertain to your diagnosis?

Hope you get rest you need..

Lucky you with such a good supportive partner. Have you looked on - very good source of help for the mouth. Rest and don’t feel guilty - it’s a bore but we have to. I dropped sugar in form of biscuits bread and cake and it really helped my energy levels. Good luck.

lisa___s in reply to Cas70

Thanks for the helpful advice Cas70

I have this, too, I think it is initiated by a virus that then leads to a flare because of my over active immune system. I have to try to calm everything down. Rinsing mouth with sea salt water for the moment.


Hi lisa___s,

I am sorry to hear that you experiencing painful sores and ulcers at the moment. We published a blog article on 'coping with oral and nasal ulcers' which I hope will be of help to you:

You may also like to read our blog article on 'managing fatigue' here:

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