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mouth ulcer remedy suggestions, pls

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Currently recovering from a flare and I've got a mouth ulcer positioned within an awkward place on the roof of my mouth. Never had it there before!

FYI - Alongside my Lupus, I also have Sjogren's.

Any remedy suggestions would be greatly appreciated that doesn't involve reaching out to a GP.

Thanking you.

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I’m always getting ulcers in random parts of my mouth. I use various ulcer preparations, I find Nystatin helpful

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Amakura in reply to Oshgosh

Thank you. Can you purchase it over the counter?

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Oshgosh in reply to Amakura

I believe you can only get it on prescription .I got it by writing a note and attaching my repeat prescription request.

I quoted having been on prescribed steroids,,steroid inhalers for asthma.

I haven’t yet managed to get it on repeat prescription.

I’m planning to speak to my rheumatoid advice nurse.

Good luck x

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Amakura in reply to Oshgosh

Thank you. I'll try and get it prescribed via the Rheumatologist or the Dentist. No point trying my GP. 😔🙁

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Oshgosh in reply to Amakura

I’m actually going to speak to the rheumatology advice nurse.I don’t seem to get rid of the ulcers/thrush.

When I’ve had no nystatin for a few days it coming back.

I had thrush last year,on theadvice of the hospital,I did a sputum test and then got presceibed something.

Here we go again on the merry go round

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happytulip in reply to Oshgosh

Thats an unusual treatment for mouth ulcers, Nystatin is the treatment for oral thrush. Interesting.

I have a hydrocortisone and lidocaine mouthwash but unfortunately that has to come from my Rheumatologist.

Prior to my diagnosis I used to get allot of mouth ulcers. About 5-7 a week, especially on night shifts. I used to find a teaspoon of marmite kept them at bay as it contains alot of B vitamins.

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Amakura in reply to happytulip

Ahhh interesting. I'll try despite not being a fan of marmite. Thank you!

Try rinsing round mouth with salt water or bonjela , I can’t use nystatin as it brings me out in a rash . I hope they clear up soon x

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Amakura in reply to weathervane

Thank you x

I used to get a lot of mouth ulcers but since I started using Aloe Dent toothpaste ( available from Holland & Barrett & Amazon ) I have had none !

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Amakura in reply to HazelW

Thank you. Never thought of using an alternative toothpaste. Xx

I use Bonjela. Gives relief and I think makes them go faster x

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Amakura in reply to Apricot100

Bonjela seems to be the way forward. Thank you x

I use a mouth wash consisting of milk and a couple of drops of frankincense. It is strong stuff and the taste is different but it works really well for my daughter. X

Where do you get that from? Xx

Morning, I found Bonjela a waste of time.Rinse mouth with Oraldene and then apply Anbesol which can easily be bought over the counter. . Apply with a fresh cotton bud each time. Sticks like glue to the ulcer. Best solution I have ever found. Hope u get some relief. Best wishes

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Amakura in reply to Smudge4465

I was sent a sample of oraleve in the post today. Haven't tried it yet but it sounds similar, I think. Could be wrong

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Smudge4465 in reply to Amakura

Oralieve is a dry mouth gel. Oraldene is a antiseptic mouth wash rinse. A little like the pink mouth wash rinse at the dentist but much stronger. It’s available over the counter at many pharmacies. Use Oraldene then use anbesol straight afterHope that helps.

Diflam spray is great, it has a long nozzle and can reach any ulcer x

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Lg1968 in reply to Lizard28

I use Difflam spray too and the nozzle gets it to the exact place you need. You can buy it over the counter and it gives instant pain relief

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Amakura in reply to Lizard28

I'm on the case because it's in an awkward area. Thank you!

Gengigel works for me. Recommended by my oral consultant

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Amakura in reply to Newlupus

Thank you. Has it been effective so far?

Antibacterial mouthwash helps clear mine

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Amakura in reply to Hamptons

I've tried the mouthwash but with no alcohol but no joy, sadly

For small ones, I used to use myrrh neat on the spot just before bed or myrrh drops mixed with water for gargle. But I had horrible mouth ulcers after Pfizer vaccine and it was too seriously bothersome. An American friend swore by Peroxil mouth wash by Colegate. I normally avoid things like this as I dislike commercial ingredients but out of desperation, I tried it following the instruction closely. It really did the trick. In two days they all calmed down and in four, gone. Hope that helps.

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Amakura in reply to Paprika60

I'll look into this also. Thank you xx

Warm salty water used as a mouth rinse and gargle 3 times per day is best remedy I’ve known. Works a treat and ulcers disappear in 1-3 days.

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Amakura in reply to Spotty-ewe

I've tried but doesn't work but I will persevere x

If you’re looking for an over the counter natural remedy, I have found that propolis works really well for mouth ulcers (at least in my experience). I used the B.Immune spray from Bee Keeper’s Naturals.

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Amakura in reply to Lunasmom

Bee keeper is a good brand. Thank you x

Hi Amakura sorry the only thing that has worked for me is a prescription from my Rheumy for a three in one mouthwash. He prescribed soluble prednisalone, soluble antibiotics and Nystatin liquid. You mix all three with warm water and rinse your mouth four times a day. It takes the sting out of the ulcers and shortens the time they are present. Xx

Ahhh, I'm on pred but in tablet form but the endocrinologist is trying to get me off of them. Although, I'll speak to my Rheumy about the ones you mentioned. Thank you. Hope you're okay and everything is going well xxxx

The good thing about the soluble prednisalone is that after rinsing your mouth you spit it out again. I am sick of myself currently had another nasty fall this afternoon now I have bruises on my bruises. I really do need bubble wrap lol xxx

Noooooooo! A nasty fall! How did that happen? Bless you and sending you massive healing hugs. When it's bruises upon bruises, that can be so painful and they take longer to heal. I've got bruises I've had for over a year but I think that's due to the immunosuppressants. They're my new buddy's and I'm thinking of giving them names. Fred and Mildred, perhaps? Lol.

All humour aside, make sure you get them looked at to be on the safe side


Thank you. Three weeks ago I fell through the coffee table then hit the floor hard. Hubby rushed to get my lifting cushion and I was yelling. He was shaking saying where are you hurting? I said you are standing on my hand . I had huge lumps on my shoulder bone, knee and a bump on my head. Today I went to the loo then fell backwards and cracked my ribs on the bath and hit my head on the door. I fell earlier this year and ripped tendons and muscles in my leg. As I had cellulitis and phlebitis in my legs they could not give me a brace so told me to keep my leg up for three months. As a result my tendons are so tight that my leg gives way. I had to wait months to see a physio and he said my legs are so unstable that I have to do stretching exercises sitting or lying down for a month and then he will reassess me again. There is not one part of me that does not hurt at the moment so a restful weekend I think xxx

my gp told me that 'Igloo' was best for mouth ulcers xx

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Amakura in reply to Poshcards

Can it be bought over the counter?

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Poshcards in reply to Amakura

Yes, got mine in Sainsburys xx

Currently recovering from a biopsy in my mouth and good old warm salt water gives me some relief and this is all that worked for me when my first symptom of Lupus appeared 2 years ago - yep - mouth ulcers. I do literally feel your pain. Nasty little things that no one thinks much off. They are so painful.

They're a thorn in my side. They appear like I've willingly invited them to reside in my mouth rent free. I've tried the salt water but my unwanted roommates (ulcers) are very stubborn

Hi I feel your pain with mouth ulcers I get them really bad including in my throat tried lots of different things but found none of them really helped until my doctor prescribed steroids which I now use to rinse around my mouth and I've found these really help so maybe ask your gp if this is an option for you too 😊 x

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Amakura in reply to Stas13

Ahhh bless you. Your throat! That must be agonising and so frustrating. I have them not only in my mouth but (embarrassed to say this) also my genitalia during both lockdowns, at the same time. The agony was ...... Awful. The latter is being controlled by my wonderful dermatologist (steroid wash) but it took months before I could get a physical appointment due to the pandemic. As for my mouth, oh my gosh!

My endocrinologist is trying to wean me off pred due to my adrenals, so not sure if they would be keen for me to use a mouthwash. I'm already using steroid creams, steroid inhalers and tablets. I'll ask nevertheless

Th only thing I’ve found that soothes my ulcers is Aloclair mouthwash. Here’s a link for it from Boots website - hope it helps.

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Amakura in reply to swhite100

You're amazing and thank you. I'm going to save this post xx

I used to prevent the ulcers by making a ranch dressing for salad with live culture buttermilk. Live culture yogurt or kombucha would probably help too.

Ahhh very interesting. I'm definitely going to try this. Thank you so, so much xx

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