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mouth and nose ulcers

hi everyone, not been on a while having a flare up at the minute anyone else suffer from mouth ulcers and nose ulcers, when i am feeling low and having a flare up i always seem to get these which really gets me down and i have no motivation , so tired but i have a baby to look after, is there any local meet ups in gloucestershire be good to meet and talk to other lupies

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((((((((HUGS))))))) I get mouth and nose ylcers make you feel soooo down and tired and I dont have a baby to look after hope you can find a local meet up I am in Dorset so no good for you


Hi. I too get these, this is how I was diagnosed :) I sympathise, yer on ly thing that clears mine is too shock .my system with prednisolone on a staggered dose for 5 days. I am now on a regular 15mg of pred daily and have had 1 flare up. Do u have a rhumie? Maybe speak to them about treating them? I am nowhere near u. But feel free to PM me other email I will send u my email. As I have 3 kids, youngest is 2, so know how hard it is in the middle of a flare xxx


Sometimes if I catch mouth ulcers early, I can shift them with Corosyl mouthwash! Tastes horrible but seems to have the umph to kill the germs causing them.

Jennie K


I've just had a horrid time with mouth ulcers. Yesterday I had an emergency to ENT and they put a scope up my nose!!! Horrid.

They have changed some of my meds to help.

Steroids usually shift this, but for me this time they didn't and they kept getting worse...

It's a horrible thing to have, and unless you suffer with it you have no idea...




For a few tips to help with the mouth ulcers, you may want to take a look at an article we wrote here -

We do have a group around the Gloucestershire area. You can contact them through their website here -


thanks everyone for your support xxx


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