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Sinus Problems

Does anyone else have recurring sinus problems? Just finished a dose of antibiotics for a sinus infection yesterday and now the other side is thumping and full of pressure. Can hardly move my head. I did read somewhere that lupus sufferers can be more prone to sinus infections and 1 to 2 percent can suffer from a devated septum which I also have presumably due to the amount of sinusitis over the years.

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Hi Lucy, I also have sinus problems usually suffer with twice a year, but it drags on (weeks of AB's) as it is hard to clear due to the lack of blood flow round that area. Doxycycline usually does the trick for me. I used to say that was my one weakness, until diagnosed with SLE in Sept. (I work for a GP so lucky in that respect). My boss tells me to steam with hot water & sea salt on an evening and then using otrivine nasal spray during the day to relieve the pressure in your head.

Hope you feel better soon.



Thanks Katie. Been to docs and got another dose of Doxycycline so fingers crossed that'll sort it. Seem to just get everhthing going just now but suppose that's part and parcel of being on immunesuppresents. Renal doc has ordered me to get flu and pnuemonia jags next week whether I'm ok or not so at least I don't end up with one of those. I was only diagnosed in Sept too so it's all new and a bit of a learning game. Hope everhthing ok with you.

Sharon (lucyloo just my name I use for everything. It's after the dog!)


Hi I've just bought octravine after deliberating should I buy sinex instead. I've only just taking it today, so I'll see how I am with it. Olbas oil is good too.


Repeated sinusitis usually around this time of year throughout winter. My whole family also get rhinitis (it has been suggested that it might be an auto-immune link amongst our tribe)...


Yes I've been managing sinusitis for years too - pretty much like you all say you are. Right now am in the middle of n extra nasty version, cause my dermatologist wanted a swab tested to see why I get nose pulp lesions so often needing antibiotic cream. I did the swab when L side nasal passage was crusted & bleeding. The gp phoned me sounding quite anxious and asking how I felt cause I have a "backwards staphylococcus aureus triple + non resistant (ie not MRSA) infection". So the gp rushed me onto fluclocyccillin which I finished last thurs. Since then things have gotten slightly worse again : fluy with dischardpge down throat from one sinus, aching jaw and plugged ears etc. All complicated by the nightmare long term rootcanalled & crowned 20 yrs ago but still infected upper jaw molar that was extracted a year ago and replaced by titanium implant. Apparently it's possible that infection & the implant may be part of this L side sinus thing now. So I've been reading up in dr wallace's great books (the lupus book, and the sjorgrens book ) about infections/sinuses/mouths. All pretty gym really. See gp this week, and will try to talk to lupus specialist nurse too

Any advice? Am especially interested in what a "triple +" staph aureus infection means....any ideas? Never heard of the triple + bit, but also haven't heard of the backwards but other. Anyway, will ask nurse & gp too...


Thanks folks. Got ENT clinic on Wednesday so will see what they say about it. It's horrible in the morning as hole in nose is always crusted and blocked which gives another headache just to go along with the sinus pain!! Both dentist and optician think it might be Sjorgrens so will have to see Rheumy when I'm back there in December.

Till then I will just carry on being positive and of course keep smiling!! xx


Hy Lucy,

I'm sorry to hear that. I had sinus pain in December. It never happened with me before. It was really painful, and the pain went into my teeth and ears as well. I had 2 courses of antibiotics, did not seem to help at all! After, my friend recommended the salt cave. I never heard of this before, so I had a go. It's really helped! I had 8 sessions, both side is clear now. All you have to do, is sitting in a room, and breath the salty air in. I also bought a salt pipe there. I can highly recommend!


Hi, so sorry to read about your reacurring sinus problems. It's so miserable. I haven't had sinusitis for a while and then a few days ago, it came on with a vengeance. I find if I do ironing , the steam brings it on. I don't really know whats caused this latest attack for me accept it could be cooking in the kitchen with a saucepan and steam circulating the room. I remember too when the doctor prescribed me antibiotics for a bad sinus attack and in the end, I was prescribed 2 more doses of an antibiotic until it went. People who don't have it don't realise just how painful and debilitating it can be. Hope you get better soon


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