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I have been off work a lot in last 2 year,had 3 ops on womb,4 sinus ops,diagnosed with lupus but they not ruling out weganers,constantly on antibiotics as without them get chronic sinuitus,worked at school 11 year was never off,I'm just off formal monitoring,took sinus infection few weeks ago,was off,if I'm off again,I go to capabilility hearing if am fit for work,so worried,teacher and any other teacher has had no problem with me,said I'm great at job,but my line manager,who started 3 year ago,awful woman,I'm now on hydroxychloroquine,methotrexate,feel great and normal again,I do few shifts on mental health wards on school hols for extra money,wage not good at school,my sons 24 and 21,they live abroad,on my own,get plenty of rest,but line manager said I can't do work with Nhs,as it could impact on my attendance,off so much hols at school,she has really buggared me up,occup health,said I'm covered under dissability equality act,I'm scared I take another sinus infection,I could loose my job,what can I do?,I feel so stressed after meeting today with her.x

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Hi Jeffscott, im sorry to hear of your problems, there's always that one person that makes your life harder for you. They just don't give a ****. I certainly hope that things go in your favour. If I was a boss and I had a worker that was unwell but was bloody good at their job, I would work around that person and if they needed time off I would get a casual in. I guess if you've never been sick, you just don't have the insight into what it's really like. Good luck with everything.🍀❤️


I don't even think my boss will have looked up about lupus,and feel she should to understand about it,no matter how much rest and sleep you have,it doesn't help,when a flare starts that's you till it settles down.


Hi jeffscott69,

Have you taken a look at our guides for employment? They provide a lot of useful advice about your rights and available support in the workplace. You can view them online at or if you need physical copies I am able to send them.

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Thankyou,I phoned union,they said work can make adaptions to suit me,but I still hit triggers with time off,next time I'm off iv to go down capability routine,so worried as I maybe to get another sinus op,reumy said lupus but possibly weganers?,only 46,I'm feeling pretty good with steroids and hydroxychloroquine,but to stop steroids and start methroxate,have low wage at school,on school hols,I do bank shifts few a week on mental health wards,line manager said coz of time off,they not going to agree to me doing this,feel so ill now with stress,felt I was re getting on top of health,her doing that a huge knock back,I'm off 7wks,and I don't want to stop working,I'm trying my hardest to get well,she doesn't understand how autoimmune diseases work,can flare up anytime,but stress is a trigger,she difficult lady,prob hasn't even looked up my condition,iv worked with falkirk council 11 year,never was off or pulled up for being incompetent,she started 3yr ago,feel she wants rid of me,and stopping my bank shifts with Nhs a worry financially,feel discriminated and bullied,don't know what to do..


Hi jeffscott

Sorry you have work problems again. Enlist the help of the Citizens Advice Bureau, they'll help you deal with these work meetings. Good luckX


Could you please send me copies.,I be very grateful for that.,scared I take a flare again,as iv to go down capability route,very worried,my boss is really making me so stressed.


Jeffscott69, The people who mess with your mind are the worst, especially if they have a position of power. In my previous, position, I was in a work group that revolved around marathon runs. I'm talking the Chicago, the Boston, etc. Time off was spent traveling to the next triathlon. I currently am on Total Disability, per SSA. I have been working quite hard on conservation, advocacy issues. This has included attending local executive council meetings.

I am looking around for some part time work to do. I have frequent sinus issues, not as serious as yours sound. I use Eucalyptus Oil to clear my sinuses, Vicks under my nose, and wash my face with Noxzema. This seems to keep the sinus issues at bay. I still sneeze around cut grass, cottonwood, etc. Gum or a hard candy help that. I have needed to consider carefully what expenses to cut.

Best to you, Jeff


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