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Sinus pain

Hi, I'm just had a sinus flare up now and the pain is horrendous because it's so severe. People who haven't experienced sinusitis don't realise how painful it is. Today I stood next to someone waiting to cross the road who was puffing away on a cigarette. I tried to hold my breath so as not to breath it in until I moved away from him as I am experiencing such pain. I don't always get sinus pain through colds or flue but get it instead ( I've come to realise) through inhaling steam when using a steam iron or through a pot cooking and steam escaping through the lid. I'm taking olbas oil and octravine .

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Hi margarita

I can definitely relate to your post. My sinusitis has been chronic since I was tiny, it's constant and flares to higher levels through the seasons depending on how I'm doing. My systemic lupus etc meds don't help much to control my sinusitis

But my ENT consultant has turned me on the Neilmed sinus products which have improved my life hugely over the past 4 years....I use the NM sinus rinse sachet & bottle system every third day as maintenance, and use the NM extra strength spray can system morning & evening.

When I'm in a big sinusitis flare, I go over to using the water bottle system 2x a day, and the spray tin as often as I need it all day long (of course I'm usually on antibiotics during a flare too)

Wishing you relief from your sinusitis


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Hi Barnclown,

many thanks for your reply/comment towards my post. It appears you take other medication which is interesting to learn about for your sinus. I haven't heard of these things that you take but it's good to know they work for yourself. I'm beginning to feel a bit better now thankgoodness since I posted my comment. - thankyou again for your good wishes :-)


You're very welcome. If you Google NeilMed sinus products you'll find the treatments I've mentioned. I buy them from Amazon. My NHS Ear Nose & Throat clinic recommends Neilmed treatments.


Many thanks for that :-) It's much appreciated.


Like Barnclown, I also get frequent problems with sinuses, generally on the one side of my head. I've come to realise that it's nothing to do with infection (although if you do get an infection on top of existing sinus issues it's horrendous!) but everything to do with inflammation and dryness. In addition to the Neilmed products, I also use Sterimar nasal spray and have been prescribed a steroid nasal spray which my GP has told me to use all the time but I actually prefer to use on a more 'as needed' basis as I don't want to become dependent on using it or it causing any issues due to inhaled steroids on an ongoing basis. Go carefully with the Olbas Oil - I used to like using it too but apparently it can irritate the sensitive membranes in the nasal and sinus cavities.

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Hi Sjogibear,

many thanks for your comment/ reply too. Oh gosh, I hadn't realised olbas oil can irritate like that. Especially since I have always relied upon using it. I appreciate being warned about that as well as being too dependent on something that could potentially cause problems :-)


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