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I was sent to occupational health through my work,they said I was covered under the dissability equality act.I have showed letter from reumatologist to my line manager explaining my health,as felt she didn't believe me.I have lost time off work through sinus ops,always had dr's line,was put on formal monitoring,now Iam off it,I felt so ill today at work,scared to go home,as I be pulled into HR,can they do this?

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  • Hi Jeffscott

    Sorry to read of your work problems. The CAB would be able to help you deal with your workplace and answer your question as they have employment advisors. Did occupational health give you any work advice to help you cope better?. Hope you get it sorted soon as the stress won't help your health.

  • They said to reduce hours,I can't afford to,work to give me more rest periods,they don't,line manager very cold heartless woman with all employees,she really doesn't care and feel she has no understanding of my health,despite letter from reumy,she re not interested,wish I cld reduce hrs,if I get awarded pip appeal,I defo will,just working and sleeping,no good.

  • Hi Jeffscott

    When you went to the CAB did they also do a benefits check to see if you could claim anything else that would make up the shortfall if you reduced your hours, because you need to do something don't you?. They will sit and work it all out with you. Cheerio.

  • Hi JeffScott, Occ Health are there to help and support YOU. My advice would be to talk to them and tell them everything, they will then advise your manager. I've recently taken early retirement through I'll health and the Occ Health team at work were fantastic.

  • They wanted me to reduce hrs,can't afford too,also to keep me in same class,line manager said she can't do that.

  • I may be wrong but i was told if occupational health suggested to your HR department to reduce your hours they still had to pay you your full pay, at least thats what my HR manager said. This is why my line manager decided it was no longer an issue and that I no longer needed to go.

  • Thankyou for that,I will look into it.

  • Hi Jeffscott

    I was in a similar situation with my workplace - I have Asthma/COPD.

    My desk was situated at the end of a corridor, with no ventilation, an air con, printer and photocopier. You can guess where all that pollution went. I was referred to OH where they recommended I be moved away to a different area.

    I was moved to an different office and my desk was next to; a fax machine to my left, air con above my right, a printer behind me, I therefore had many exacerbations. Having had 4 x OH assessments where I was told I need to be moved again, this never happened. Consequently I exceeded the sick leave days and was dismissed on the grounds of ill health. I missed out on being medically retired by 2 weeks.

    Although I had union rep, they told me at the end of the dismissal that management does not have to adhere to OH.

    Why do we have OH, if management doesn't have to follow recommendations as stipulated by OH?

    Not a happy bunny with my ex-place of work (NHS).

    Sorry not to be much help, however I wish you good luck!

  • Hi,

    If I was in your situation I would apply for benefits just to see if you are accepted. If you are then you can afford to leave your job.

    I was asked to leave my job as I was taking too much time off sick, my relationship broke down as he couldn't cope with me being ill, so I'm now 43 years old living back with my mum as I can't afford to get my own place.

    But I am on benefits and I was diagnosed with Lupus sle and happier now I'm out of the work place, as they just made me feel worse, with the stress of it all.

    I wish you luck


  • I have re applied for pip if I got awarded it,I would reduce hours,iv always worked,and don't want to give up the now,just 46,feel I get depressed not working at all,job I'm in been there 11 year,I was never like this,but yeah stress does trigger it big time,because I wear makeup,people think look re well,but they no ill I feel at times.

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