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Can anyone tell me if I can be put on formal monitoring at work and disciplined,I have been off a lot last few year,had 4 sinus ops,through them not working,surgeon got bloods cultured,I have lupus and connective tissue disease,occup health,said in covered under dissabilility equality act,having tuf time at work,line manager not supportive,despite letter from reumy about my condition.,I'm in good class just now at a school,but said she can't keep me there after August,if I can't work in heavy classes,she may need to redeploy me?,yet teacher I work with,said there is no reason why she can't keep me where Iam,my union rep came with me to HR meeting today.she works in school too,not much cope,I re held my own say,don't know what to do.?

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  • Don't know that this can be answered without full circumstance or what your contract says. It is possible you could be monitored at work (like a risk assessment) if you have quite a bit of time off work I think they have to do this to ensure you are not in a job that is contributing to your illness

    I work in a school and my contract States the hours I'm employed and I can be used in any class where

  • That clicked too quick! I can be placed in any class where the head deems my skills would be best used. each year I never know which class I will be working in until around June. Is this the reason why you can't stay in the class where you are? Are you employed to work with a particular pupil? These contracts tend to be until the child leaves school or county reduce the child's entitled hours. I'm intrigued by a 'heavy' class?!

  • I work in a special needs school,kids from 12 to 18,severe and complex,to moderate,then behavioural,my class teacher I have been with for 2 year,working with behavioural age 17 yr old kids,class teacher wants to keep me there,I'm good with kids,av lot of patience,but line manager said because iv been there 2 year,I need to be moved?,showed her my report from reumy about my health,then she asked can I go into heavy class,!!!,ie kids in wheelchairs,constantly moving and handling doing changing,I said no a couldn't,also she said we have a duty to you but a duty to kids too,because u are fatigued sometimes are kids at risk,told her Iam more than competent at my job,my class teacher was raging she said that,don't know what to do.

  • If the class teacher is happy for you to stay in that class I can't see what the problem is. I know sometimes heads like to move staff around so that they don't get too comfortable with the curriculum and complacent if they continue to work with the same staff. If you're not happy with explanation and you think it's not right, you could ask to speak to school governor. Would the teacher be prepared to speak up for you?

    Hope it works out for you, I know from personal experience how this can be tricky.

  • My teacher has spoken up for me,wants to keep me and she is a PT,it all behavioural kids she has,I cope well with them but line manager said I need to take my turn with wheelchairs and hoisting and changing kids,iv worked their 11 yr,used to do that kind of work all time,line manager started at school 3 year ago,she likes to change everything although it's working!,and disrupts everyone,not just me,physically my body couldn't cope with severely disabled kids,I would end up off work.

  • Jeff there are some good documents on this Web site for working with Lupus, one is aimed at the Employer and the other the Employee. I found them invaluable when I was in your position.

  • Thankyou,my name is joanne,that just my name on site.,I will look at site you said today.

  • Hi Margaret,I have looked at website you suggested,very helpful,teacher I work with,letting me away to see CAB tomorrow,scared to let line manager know,gona appeal about pip,and tell them about work problems,I'm not lazy,only 46,have always worked,but am really struggling,very tired and sore.sleep 12 hours and waken exhausted,glad my boys 24 and 21,must be so hard with people with young kids.i really think iv had this for years,when boys kids,I often had to rest,but was with my husb at time and he could see I was tired,I would like to get a wee bit pip,enuf to drop a day,I would have better quality of life.

  • Good luck with it all :)

  • Hi Jeffscott

    Ask about what's happening at work at the CAB today as they also have employment advisors who can advise what you should do. Hope it goes well.

  • Hi Joanne, the info Margaret gave is really good. Under the disability/ equality act Lupus is one of the protective characters that can't be discriminated against. Reasonable adjustments have to be made, and from my experience working for the NHS ( which employs county council Staff) they don't apply the same sickness policy as to those who have a disability under the act. Cc staff have disability leave which is not counted as sickness. Being expected to do a job that will disadvantage you will put them in breach of the act. Hope this helps . X

  • Thankyou.

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