Just want to share some good news with you all. I applied for DLA back in February last year, it took a year & I had to go to a tribunal & was awarded the lowest rate of mobility, they also advised me to claim again for a higher rate, so, in may this year I filled in another form, I was of course denied an increase. Last week I had a DLA Dr come to see me at my home & today I had a letter from them to tell me that they have awarded the highest level of mobility & the middle rate of carers allowance. I wanted to share this with you because I have read some of the blogs with people getting refused it & I just want to say keep fighting for it, never give up (that's what they want us to do), I am very lucky, I have no family but I am blessed with some very good friends who do all they can to help me (I feel like giving up so many times). Please don't give up, go to tribunal if you have to & let them come to your home to see what your life is really like' Stay well my friends x

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  • Thats brilliant news and well worth knowing. Well done.

  • I was turned down today!! but hey what fantastic news Trace,,you deserve all the help you can get.Glad you have good friends around you hun.I am going to appeal.i applied before i was diagnosed with the fybro aswell.x

  • Thanks Dawn, I am proof that it can be awarded, I want all my fellow Lupies to apply for it, apply, apply & apply again, go to the tribunals & medicals, do what ever you have to do to get it, please don't let them put you off. My money worries have been eased considerably, its been a hard 20 months, also, they back date it too when you put the claim in. Keep at it hunn xx

  • Hey Trace,you have me decided i will definatly appeal,the man on the phone said today i should do this,,,thanks so much and hey well done to you girl.xx

  • Well done Dawn, even tho it takes so much effort, never give up xx

  • Hi Trace

    I was turned down at first with the DLA but after an appeal I was awarded Lower carers and Higher Mobility, well done. Don't give up other lupies if you have been turned down, keep trying.

  • Well done Bettie xx

  • well done in persevering with your claim, it makes me mad that we have to fight for everything that we want. Hope your award makes life alot easier for you :)

  • Thanks lupiedeb, its taken a lot of pressure away & hopefully now I can concentrate on getting well & leave behind this flare that I've been in for over 2 years xx

  • i applied for it in 2000 when i found out i needed hips replacing, they turned me down..twice but i kept on at them, and eventually got 12 months at higher mobility in 2003...then since the hips and the lupus have caused a lot of problems i reapplied in 2005 and have been on it since, and recently have finally been awarded the lower care component too

    i would say keep on at them, you deserve the help..good luck x

  • Great news purpleprincess, keep well x

  • I have recently applied - have put it off for ages, thinking I would get nowhere but hearing all your comments it gives me confidence that I did the right thing. Fingers crossed eh? - Well done :)

  • Yols, well done, its a big step I know. Keeping fingers, toes & eyes crossed for you. Good luck x

  • Trace, just wanted to let you know I have just been awarded the higher rate mobility and the lowest rate carer! Thank you for your encouragement. I would never have applied had I not read everyone's comments and now it will make a big difference to my daily life. I do hope that others reading all these comments will be inspired to claim. Thanks again :) x

  • Yols,

    That's fantastic, I am so pleased for you, it will make a big difference to your life, I have found that I can now afford to pay my bills, it takes away some of the stress of being ill. Ijust wish we didn't have to fight so hard to get it.

    I hope your news encourages others to apply for DLA, after all it's only what we're entitled too.

    The one good thing about having a long term illness is that we can all learn about the system & be able to help others.

    I use some of the care package money on having a cleaner, it's been one of the best things I've done & if you can afford to do it, I would recommend you get a cleaner too.

    Once again, well done you, Im proud of you xx :-)

  • I went to a local help centre who helped me fill the form out. They advised that you work on the worst day. CAB will qlways help you with the forms. I also have a brill specialist who when contacted by the DWP must have confirmed how delibitating SLE is. I was given higher rate for mobility and carer. You will be able to get a blue badge and also a bus pass. The money has really helped it means I can get people to help with things that are just impossible for me to do. It will also mean that you would be entitiled to a government grant to help with insulating your home eg: the loft or cavity wall. Hope this info helps. xx

  • Well done it is very easy to give in. I have family who help so I gave in after trying but if I didn't then I am sure I would have tried again. Good luck to you.

  • Dear all,

    also have recently been reawarded my DLA, took them just 20 days to decide, have battled for it since 2003, when I was originally turned down despite being virtually bedridden and having my toddler cared for out of the home! I've had help from disability rights and been to a tribunal, had docs visit, only have it for two years tho, so don't know what to do about my car, does anyone know? I have now applied five times and been successful three times, so appeal, attend the appeal with a disability advocate and get what us lupies deserve!


  • Well done one and all, I was awarded DLA at higher mobility and medium carers, and as I have no -one to help me at home the money came in very handy indeed. So as you have all said keep up the good fight and stick to getting what your entitled too. Best of Luck to all of us.

  • Thats brilliant Trace! i myself was refused the second time i applied. i think i might give it another go now! worth a try xx

  • If you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia together with lupus, you stand a better chance of getting DLA ......... I don't think they understand that we would much prefer to be out working than living an uncertain life with a disease that changes constantly. Congratulations, so pleased for you and my advice would be to NEVER give up.

  • Congratulations! Keep up the fight as we all do! x

  • I don't have the energy to reapply for DLA.

    I'm on my own and my landlord (I'm currently lodging) is evicting me as he thinks I'm sitting around all day through choice and doesn't seem to like the fact that I'm treating myself well by eating quality food.

    So I'm currently spending every ounce of available energy (which isn't much) trying to avoid homelessness, which isn't easy on benefits and being limited as to what types of property will be suitable.

  • Well done, I too receive the higher rate mobility and the lowest rate care component. It took a while and I had to appeal but I've had them both for 5 years now. I got information on how to fill in the forms from the National Arthritis Campaign website. As said earlier, never give up!

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