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Good news about DLA !

I received a letter today about DLA saying that I had been awarded higher mobility rate and middle rate care for 2 years initially. I'm over the moon about this, especially as I had read on this site and the APS site about others having to appeal etc, and I really wasn't expecting anything positive back.

Luckily all the info sent with the application about being given ill health retirement from work which included reports from occupational health, my Gp, rheumatologist and neuropsychologist, seems to have done the trick!! All sorted in 6 weeks too !!

Don't give up with your applications peeps!

Hope everyone is having a better day today x

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That is excellent news! Im very pleased for you, I was recently turned down too and have just done an appeal, so fingers crossed.

I understand that the Government has had to change the rules, unfortunately those of us who are unable to work due to ill health, shouldn't really have to go through hoops to get what we are entitled to. Hey ho that's the system for you.

Perhaps in a few weeks I may get some good news too.

Love and light xx


Hopefully you will hear some good news soon. X


Glad to hear your appeal was successful. Still waiting to hear about mine. DWP love making claimants wait. It is so unfair. I am happy for you.


Hi. It was the first time I had applied for dla, not an appeal, so I was really pleased! Hope you hear back soon. Have you been waiting long?

Thanks for replying x


i have been waiting since early march. I had all my benefits cut off when i was appealing. i now have to get sick notes from my doctor just to get some benefits from dwp. once again good luck. x


Great news pleased for you, x


Hi, so pleased for you, this is fatantastic given the current cutbacks. My sister who has MS was turned down and can barely walk, although i myself have dla i dont get it, MS is equally bad? Just wondering did you apply through new PIP system, im curious as im due for renewal next year a.d im worried i wiil loose it.


Sorry to hear your sister has been turned down for DLA. It's ridiculous isn't it that she hasn't been given it.

I have lupus and aps plus other problems. I have used crutches since April last year following stroke like symptoms and can't walk without them. I applied at the end of march, not through PIP. I thought the process would take longer than it did and am thrilled with the result as it will be such a help.

Best wishes to you and your sister x


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