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PIP Tribunal after being awarded and within 2 months having it taken away!


I have just submitted forms to go to tribunal to appeal my PIP decision.

I applied in June (ish) time last year, had a medical (Capita) in October last year and was awarded Standard Daily Care and Enhanced Mobility. I rang to 'query' a couple of things where they had given me 0 points but I felt I should have scored some. I was only 1 point off Enhanced daily care and if the report had recorded what I had explained to the assessor I would have got this!

What I didn't realise was that they would do a full reassessment!!! All they said on the phone was that my query had been recorded and someone would be in touch after they had investigated!!

The next thing I know I receive a letter to say they have done a full reassessment and following receipt of my Rheumatologists report which they had only just received they were only awarding me Standard Mobility and no Care at all!!!

I asked my MP to contact them to ask them to reconsider and he did and they still said no and that I had to take it to tribunal. After speaking to CAB they gave me some advice for filling in the forms so I did and now I am awaiting the tribunal!

The thing is I had a similar thing when I applied for DLA around 4 years ago they turned me down flat and at tribunal they basically humiliated me (I was alone) which sent me into flare and I was in pain for days. I don't know what else I can do. I am scared of being humiliated again. In fact I think I read a story where this happened to someone else and when they went to tribunal the second time they said they should have been getting the award from the first time they applied, so it was all backdated!! (I can dream can't I??)

Any advice would be most appreciated. We had put care and help into place when I first started receiving PIP but when they took it off me after only a couple of months we have had to stop all of that as we cannot now afford it :-(

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Hi Annalouk

So sorry to read of your terrible PIP experience but you've done all the right things getting the CAB to help you. You've got to hope that common sense will prevail at the Tribunal and you will get the enhanced care!. Have you got someone who could go to the Tribunal with you?. Some CAB's can offer this, might be worth asking yours. Good luck for it, hope you don't have to wait too long!. X


Appeal,not been threw it myself but just wanted to uplift you.your rising higher than them when they try to humiliate you stand firm give loads detail how you can.not o such such how quality life is affected,relationships.daily tasks most important how can.not walk more than few minutes wit out pain.etc etc.


Hi, I'm in the same situation at the moment. I applied for pip last year around August time had assesment in dec/2014, I was refused in jan this year. I asked them to reconsider my claim as I told the assessor everything ( again I was 1 point off. Now I have submitted my Appel last week feeling scared.. I'm in touch with the gmb they helped fill out form and will attend hearing with me.. make sure someone goes with you. I don't know what to expect !! But hope as I work 2 jobs and depereratly want to give up one..



When i had to go to the tribunal about 2 years back, I contacted a group called 'sunderland Welfare Rights' they were brilliant and the DWP Decision was overturned in 10 mins.

Not sure where you live, but you could check and see if they work in your area, these were attached to the council.

when I had to complete the forms last year I used a site called 'Benefits and work' their documents are fantastic in the advice they provide in answering the question, they also give advice on the tribunals.. It does cost £20 but its the best £20 I've ever spent.

Good Luck hope this helps


Benefits and works pension site worked for me too, hope all goes well xx


Hello, if you look for an organisation called Fightback (they are on Facebook) they deal with exactly this type of thing with great success I hear. Good luck


I find this disgusting I have COPD and many symptoms of Lupus I put a claim in for DLA 13 months later they turned me down I think they had lost my form I re applied and this time got someone to fill in my forms they did ask if I had improved since my assessment I told them no I had not had a lung transplant but I was awarded low mobility which I am grateful for it helps keep my much needed car on the road.

I have said for a long time I feel people with long term medical conditions should be awarded benefit's without going through this and having to wait over 12 months is unacceptable and I told the Tory MP who came to my door last night if anything they have got rid of Atos who have turned the benefits system on its head and I understand if Labour win the next election they will bring back Atos.

I feel we should get a campaign going to force the government in to changing the system for us.


Thanks everyone. No I have nobody to go with me. Have tried CAB and Welfare Rights but they don't do representation anymore :( so looks like I am on my own.


Hi. I too have had problems. I see so many different Drs and go to hospital for different things that I have formed a bit of a theory about what is left of our NHS.

For too long I have been shifted from list to list, only to hear our hospital is hitting targets er... That list went poof. Also, I have mental health issues and have been now dumped off by being discharged. My GP said, not to worry, we can refer you, through the new five (yes 5) levels which entails being passed on, when you have satisfied some criteria. Now how difficult do you think it will be to finally meet a Psychiatrist? I was on an appointment every four months with a Psychiatrist, who knew me. From that to nothing.

The people in authority have private health provision so care not a jot how we ar doing. My husband is convinced all these shrinking resources will finally disappear and we will be back in the 1930s. No money to see a doctor, no money for prescriptions if you do, and we will quietly fall off the planet.

It is disgusting, amoral, cruel, and inhuman to put chronically ill people through these stressful tests.

I wish I could do a Tianamen square. Push my chair in front of whatever we have in place of a tank, to be seen around the world. Enough silent protests who knows, but then they would not show it.

Chins up, we do the best we can and support each other. No one knows what it is like to "receive" this "care" but us. Solidarity folks

Apologies for such a cynical rant.

Be as well as you can.


I applied dla years ago for my lupus but kept getting refused then when pip came in a applied again and has a assessment and was awarded enhanced care and standard mobility last year received my review forms filled them in and was awarded same again without having to go for new assesment witch I was amazed at as everyone I no has had to attend assesment for there reviews


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