Got my DLA :)

Hi all, I just thought I would share, as some time ago I posted to ask how long it usually takes for a decision! Anyway, the good news is I have been awarded the DLA, highest on mobility and care, and indefinitely!!!

I did have a visit at home from a Doctor, just over 2 weeks ago and got the decision yesterday.

I just wanted to give others a bit of hope, as its such a stressful time filling in all those forms and admitting to yourself and others just how crappy things are. We normally just get on with things so much that we forget , some stuff we deal with is just not normal!!

So good luck to anyone waiting to apply or waiting to hear from them,

A very happy Pollyanna :) x

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  • Very pleased for you, it is good to here that you are getting what you are entitled to and also that the assessor visited you at home. All the best to you.


  • Thanks :)

  • Pleased for you:)

  • Thanks :)

  • well done so did i , high mob low care , i got indefinatly but then have been told when pip comes in that we have to go through it alllll again was you aware of this x

  • Thanks :) No not been told anything else (I guess I am just ignoring the pip thing and not thinking about that till I need too! ) :0

  • Hi guys I sent my form on Monday, but I'm still working, my work has agreed to let me cut a day so I'm just working 2 days then have a break on Wednesday then work 2 days, I think me working at all this might stop me getting it but really hope I can still carry on working just hopefully get a little help as I'm having to get taxi,s to and from work , I can't walk the distance to the bus stops anymore, also have arthritis and deformity in 1 foot,

    but still hanging on to my job for the moment as best I can ' well done Pollyanna so so pleased when genuine people get this award x

  • Even if you still work you should at the very least get higher rate of the mobility component of DLA, which will then entitle you to get a Blue Badge, which is a massive help and makes life sooo much easier. Good luck, hope you get it xxx

  • Thanks kgreig, I hope you are successful with your claim, I know quite a few lupies who get it while they are still working as it enables them to get to and from! keep us posted and let us know how you get on, Good Luck x

  • Hey kgrieg have you tried searching on Access to Work. They help fund costs associated with getting to work I think it's still running. Can help fund adaptations at work and getting there. Try checking it out :-)

  • That's great news pollyanna and I am really happy for you. I have my tribunal on Wednesday and just trying to keep calm. x

  • Not remotely related to lupus etc, but do I gather you have a schnauzer??? We are catty people but our elderly Maine Coon won't be with us much longer and Him Indoors has fallen in love with a miniature schnauzer that travels on the train with him sometimes (and his owner of course!). Would you recommend one? Guess that goes without saying! Have been warned they can be yappy, and need a lot of discipline, very strong-willed. What would you say.........?

  • Yes I do have this little schnauzer called Smudge and would recommend anyone to get one. He is so lovely, does'nt bark, such gentle natured, a complete comicial dog and does not shed hair! As I have said' he doesn't bark and, will very occasionlly howl, but only when he thinks hes being ignored by guests! Though my friend has a female mini schnauzer and was left alone when she was younger and she does bark. Mine is now nearly 9 years old and life would be very sad without him. He is always pleased to see me when I get in from work which is lovely! I would say that mine is'nt very strong willed, always a happy cheeky chappy . The only thing I would recommend to get if you get a puppy, is to get a cage. Lots of people are horrified, but if you go shopping its the best place for him. As you know he can come to no harm and if you introduce it first day, he will get used to it and will feel safe there. Let me know if you get one of these little characters!

  • Thank you, I wish you good luck for Wednesday, and let us know how you get on. The amount of stress we have to go through, filling in forms and waiting for the outcome is awful, and then having to go to the tribunal, I hope wedsnesday gives you some good news and some well earned relief x

  • Hey Pollyanna, that is really great news! Very pleased for you - has brought a smile to my face this morning! I am having my own DLA nightmare - got awarded higher rate mobility & middle rate care last yr then had to reapply ... they awarded low rate mobility & care & I am much worse now than I was the .... totally laughable system! No compassion from any of them. Your post gives me hope! Luv Ellie xXx

  • Awww Ellie I am so sorry you have had to go through it again so quickly! Are you going to appeal? I have to say, I waited 4 years before I decided to claim, and then I felt that things were defo not getting any better, and that actually I did deserve this! I thought they may come back with middle rate, but if they had said low I was going to appeal! Dont get me wrong I do feel I am entitled to the highest on both, as I dont often leave the house and when I do its only with the hubby at the weekend if I am up to it! Hope you appeal and win it, let me know x

  • Thx Pollyanna, I did appeal straight away so it's gone back in for 'reconsideration' ... It took 7 long months of appeals last time so was totally dreading the whole process this time ... will fight on as I got it last time! Goin in all guns blazing though with letters from my specialist nurse, 2 GP's and have also written to my local MP Andrew Mitchell to see what help he can be (system so unfair & far too bloody stressful for people who r not well)! Will let u know how I get on ... !

    Happy for u X

  • Woow Ellie, you really sound like your ready to take them on :) Go girl! wishing you lots of luck x

  • Well done pollyanna.x

  • Thanks :)

  • I am pleased for you it is hard to get so well done.

    I am about to make my 5th aplication but hoping to get help filling in forms.

  • I went to Citizens Advice and they had someone who specialises in filling out these forms. If you say you have a good day once a week, then they think thats ok and will refuse it. They don't understand Lupus and how it goes up and down in a flash.

  • Thank you, I did use the forms and info I got from here! Also I tried to answer the question in a way that, 1), I was telling them the problem, 2). what caused the problem. 3), Things I have tried and results of that, 4) How would someone being there help! eg I have a lot of joint paint and feel very weak, and am often dizzy and loose my balance. I have a problem with my legs and joints due to the lupus, and often feel weak as a result of the cronic fatigue, also the medication can sometimes make me feel dizzy and lightheaded! I have tried to use a walking stick which helps my balance, however my hands and wrists are often too weak to hold this for any length of time, and have dropped it on several occasions and have tripped over the stick as a result. I therefore do not feel its safe to continue with this aid. Having someone with me, reassures me and helps with my balance when getting around and as a result I am less likely to fall! I dont know if this will help, but I tried to answer all the questions in this manner! Good luck, and keep us posted on how you are getting on x

  • well done i have not been so sucessfull but your post will spur me on thanks

  • I am glad its given you a little hope, I have just written in an answer above how I answered my questions, maybe that will help, good luck x

  • well done good news at last. Ihave my forms ready to go but keep thinking what's the point. I see atos this afternoon to see if they will keep paying my stamp, so stressed today. So glad to hear some good news. xx

  • See my reply to custardpot above and also take a photocopy of your forms before you send them. Do try, you will get there in the end. Good luck xx

  • thank you for reply I said I have good days about 3 to 4 days a week and bad days 3 to 4 days a week. I will photocopy everything tonight thank you, guess its a waiting game and they like making things stressful

  • Hi luupysue, I know how stressful it is, be careful re your good days!!!! Although you manage those other days are they really good??? Or do you have a payback for those days!! I have also mentioned above how I answered all my questions so maybe worth taking a look x wishing you you well x

  • Thats brilliant! Its so stressful dealing with it all but worth it when you get what you deserve. Yes its a reality check when you have to write down everything you have and how it effects your everyday life.

    Most of us put a brave face on and get on with it but our "normal" is absolutely horrendous to healthy people.

    We should all be proud of how strong we are to have to deal with this awful illness day in - day out. Big hug to all xxx

  • happysally, we are strong, the "normals" would be taking to their beds after a "good day" in our world :) We keep on going, and mostly have a better attitude, although we all have bad days and its why me? Tomorrow is always a better day and we get on with it, with our brave smiley faces :D Hope you have a great week x

  • Hi All

    Just thought i would let you no i have received my DLA award back high mobility and middle care rate for life but thats not quite true as we all have to go through the same old crap when it goes to PIP i did get a letter in with it saying it will around 2015 as i have just been awarded it again, Also my Incap was up for renewal i have just been placed in support group, I would recommend putting as much medical evidence as possible when sending forms back it is so stressful waiting for answers it just seem life is just one long battle , But we must keep fighting for what we are entitled to, Good luck everyone and take care xx

  • rlupus, I am pleased you have received your DLA for life. I guess like you say, it looks like that isn't quite true! If we have to fill all the forms in again!!!! I guess we just need not to think about it for a few months as we deserve a rest from those stressful forms!!! Hope you have a great week x

  • Hi Polllyanna

    I think your right need a rest now from all the forms it really takes out of you and end up more stressed and feeling ill, as far as i am aware they will leave us alone at least till 2015, just make sure you keep all your medical evidence and letters from hospital , Every time i go to hospital to see consultants i ask for a copy of all my letters so i dont get many problems when they ask for medical evidence.

    Keep well xx

  • Thanks rlupus, That is good advice, I will starting collecting them :) and shove them in a file for a much later date :) x

  • Well done Pollyanna!! It does kinda shock you when you have to write everything done in black and white it's like your newly diagnosed all over again and start thinking "how can I cope?" Same thing is happening with me I was put on esa but did not realise there was two parts to it, have appealed to go onto the support part. Still have heard nothing back, but next week I have to go on a back to work interview. I am really worried as if I don't go everything will be docked but I feel so weak and stiff and swollen but my face always looks so rosy everyone thinks your well. I always go with my husband nearly everywhere but they just don't seem to understand. I had one of these interviews less than 3 months ago and I'm back there again. I took all medication, hospital letters and methotrexate booklet last time obviously didn't work very well as I'm back there again!!!!! And yes were i have to explain what this illness is over and over it makes you feel so down and claustraphobic in your own body, fingers crossed Pollyanna you're gonna give us all some luck.

  • Kezzie, thank you, I am really sorry you have to keep going back. I know this feeling as I was unaware of the support group! I was having to attend these appts even though I still had a job!!! (I like you have to go with hubby to all appts) I was eventually finished from work, as it was clear I would not be able to return! However, I did always see the same person when I went, so I didnt have to go through the whole thing every time! Although, they then brought in the new law, which said you can only get contribution based ESA for 12 months, so mine stopped, (even though I have worked all my life and never claimed anything!!) They also sent me another appt after this! I said I dont think I will be attending anymore!!! They are a joke! Wishing you good luck, just tell them how it is hun, you can do no more than that :) x

  • Well done x

  • Thank you lennox :)

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