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I haven't had a diagnosis of lupus. I have neved had the butterfly rash on my face, although I do often get flushed cheeks and chest but this comes and goes. But over the last two weeks I have developed this rash on my neck which started off as a small circle but is now about 5 inches wide by about 2 inches high. It is slightly red and feels quite rough. Does anyone think this is a lupus rash or if not what could it be? It doesn't come and go like the other rashs. It is there permanently. Thanks in advance for any replies xxxxx

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  • Gosh Meg - that sounds horrid. I'm afraid I have not idea whether it might be a lupus rash though. The trouble is that (like all the other symptoms of lupus) the rashes we get differ so widely that it is really hard to know what it caused by lupus and what might be caused by something else. And of course, if your immune system is dodgy, your body is going to have trouble fighting it, if it is (for example) fungal.

    Are you sure it is not an allergic reaction to something you're wearing? Does it itch? Slightly raised and rough sounds quite lupus-y. I think if I were you I would go to my GP. They can prescribe anti-fungal or steroid cream to get rid of it. But don't self medicate for this - because a steroid cream like hydrocortisone 1% might well make a fungal rash worse.

    Take care Meg,

  • Hi thanks for your reply. I don't find that it is itchy really. I thought it might be a reaction to my perfume (even though I have not changed the perfume I use) so for the last week or so I have not sprayed perfume in that area but it has made difference. Also I have not come out in a rash where I have been spraying the perfume. I am seeing gp this week so will definately get it checked out. Thanks again. Take care xxx

  • Hi, I get a similar rash and have lupus. My consultant says it is Uticaria and treats it with an antihistamine. I take homeopathic meds and possibly caused by these or stress related. Maybe ask your GP to see what they say. Hope this helps. Xxxx

  • Thank you. I will certainly mention it to my gp. Hopefully it won't be dismissed like most of my symptoms seem to be! Xxx

  • Hi definately lupus I have several on my back recently they are hideous you seem to be having a flare up I would see your lupus consultant or dermatologist..

  • Thank you. I seem to of been in a flare for a good couple of months now and se to be getting worse as time goes on. I am in the process of a re-referal to another rhuemie as the one I have currently is not very helpful. I have not been refered to a dermatologist as this is the first skin symptom I have had really.

    I also keep getting lumps on my earlobes that scab over and now I have a sort lump near the opening of my ear. Not sure if this is linked but it is very sore :-(


  • Yes and again this is a lupus flare I have this too for the first time since I was diagnosed at 19 I'm nearly 36 now. Try as much as you can not to pick at them but just to make sure it is lupus check in with your consultant. It is rubbish but it will get better chin up

  • Thanks. It is hard to leave the one in my ear alone. I'm afraid I am one of those people that can't just leae things alone, I always pick. Lol. I am trying to get an earlier appointment with gp but it is proving difficult xxx

  • Yes I too have a rash on my neck and chest iv put a pick of it on a blog but no replies to it yet I too would like to know if it is any think iv got APS but not sure if iv been tested for lupus hope you too find out wot yours is good luck let us know if you find out x

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