Facial rash or not?

Hi, I have not had a diagnoses of lupus, but am going slowly through different testing with my GP, to find out what is going on.

My question is about a problem I have had for a while with my face.

I get a lot of redness, in a clearly delineated area of my forehead, from the sides of my nose across my cheeks, and also a small area on my chin, that a quite red, I have to cover with make-up.

Since reading about lupus, I wondered if this is similar to the lupus rash, I do not actually have a rash, just redness, that gets worse with flare ups, I have to be very careful in the sun or it gets much worse.

I have not mebtioned this to my GP as I thought it could be just normal aging, but it is getting worse slowly

Could this be a sign of lupus?

Hank you for your time,


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  • Hi Caz, I'm no expert but can tell you my lupus 'rash' is not exactly a facial rash, but rather like extreme redness, does worsen in sunlight, you should tell your GP as this is very relevant especially the fact that it responds to sunlight. Good luck and really hope you don't have Lupus, but if you do there's lots of support on this site.


  • Thanks for that, I really thought it had to be a rash, all my other symptoms make a lot of sense within the context of lupus, such as raynauds, joints and so on.


  • Hi Caz, I had cellulitis in my face last June, face swollen to twice the size with weeping blisters across both cheeks and around my eyes leading up to forehead above my nose. After a week in hospital on intravenous antibiotics, I was left with red butterfly mask across cheeks and forehead. Investigation into why cellulitis led to lupus diagnosis 6 months later, docs said main reason they tested for lupus was because of the butterfly mask! Although it fades and I can cover with make up, sometimes more prominent when I am feeling low, but thankfully has not turned into cellulitis again! I would leave the make up off and ask the doc to check, good luck :-)

  • I will, I am silly, i just did not equate it with my other symptoms!

    Thanks, Cazx

  • Hi caz

    l have sle and l get redness across my face which gets redder as the flare gets worse, if l go in the sun then the redness becomes very sore and l get a slightly raised rash. So very similar to yourself, hope this helps. I do think you should tell your dr of all your symptoms so he gets the full picture. Good luck Lucymay x x

  • Thank you lucy may, I will make an appointment on monday and show him this and list the other symptoms, he is determined to get to the bottom of all this, so I am lucky that he is very approachable, and likes my input, I feel a bit daft that this did not occur to me before!


  • Hi Caz

    My 'diagnosis' is vague - undifferentiated autoimmune disease - but I also have a 'lupus' type rash. I wouldn't really describe it as a rash, more like a very specific redness across my nose, triangle-shape on my cheeks and a red chin. It is very distinct after exercise and also when I have a flare up of joint pain and inflammation of the eyes (uveitis). I have noticed at these times I also itch like mad up the front of my shins (painful if I scratch it but the itch is so bad I can't help scratching) and have red patches near my knees. The redness gets worse when I bath or shower, I tend to stay out of the sun because my skin has always reacted badly when exposed so I can't say specifically if it gets worse in the sun. Unfortunately my new rheumie was dismissive of this (and every other symptom I asked about) so I'm no nearer understanding if the 'rash' is linked to my autoimmune condition. I have found Boots No7 range has a green tinted cream that helps reduce the redness if you apply it before your foundation when you are going out. As jacamac says, I would leave the make up off when you next see your doctor/consultant, or take a photo when it is flaring and show them that. Good luck with your GP, it can be quite frustrating not having a diagnosis.

  • This sounds very familiar, except the sun def. Makes it worse, I even have the itchy shins, I sympathise with you.

    Thanks, Cazx

  • I also have a permanent red nose and cheeks with my chin only becoming red and inflamed after sun exposure. I use aloe Vera every day on my face which stops the redness turning to spots. As the aloe can dry flaky,after i have massaged it in I apply aqueous cream on top. It really works, if I go away for a weekend and forget to pack it you can guarantee by Monday my nose will be all bumpy. Good luck

  • Thank you for the tip, I always keep aloe vera in and had not thought to use it for this!


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