Lupus rash

Lupus rash

Hi there, 

I have 3 different types of rashes going on. I have just been referred to a rheumatologist by my neurologist. Various things going on. But rashes are more recent.. Was wondering if a lupus rash can been very itchy. And whether this looks like one? The other rash is livedo recticulus and the possible neck face malar rash which I believe can be associated with lupus. Any thoughts be helpful. It's just I got impression lupus rashes aren't itchy but I may be wrong! 


Oh sorry for unshaven legs. Tend not to shave with this rash!

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  • I have a similar rash (go to my profile page to see it) it is on my upper left thigh in the crease where my leg joins my body. My Dr. Gave me

    Alclomerasone Dipro 0.05% cream

    To put on the places when they flare up. 

    Don't worry about the unshaven legs, unlike you due to lupus and medications I have no body hair from the shoulders down. Lupus effect us all in different ways. 

  • Thank you. I will have a look. Are your rashes itchy?  I recently thought I'd got some bald bits on my eyelashes but not sure if always been like that.. I don't think so. Can you lose hair there too?! 

  • Most of the time there is no itching, burning, and or hurting. 

    As far as the hair loss, it can be on any and or all parts of the body. It effects different people in different ways. There are some common  denominators, like rashes/blisters, joint pain for some ( according to the type of lupus you have).  With lupus it is hard to say,  you and I could how similar symptoms but, in different places. or our symptoms  could be completely different. 

    For example I have a rash on my right foot and it got burned, I have not worn shoes in almost 2 years. (Other than leather or cloth sandals/flip flops only when  absolutely necessary ) there is a photo of that on one of my post you can see also.  Now I've gotten so used to being barefoot, that I don't, and don't want to wear shoes. I actually have less problems with my feet,  now  that I go barefoot all the time. All of the stores here  they have removed the signs that say shoes are required, because of my lupus and I can't wear shoes.  And yes, I get pedicures (my wife and I go together) to keep my feet looking nice and neat.  With that being said, yes, now I can go and walk anywhere, and on any surface and it does not bother me.

  • Maybe this isn't lupus then as it is terribly itchy and sore. The livido reticulum rash wasn't though and just disappeared. Came back then disappeared. 

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It's good that you have found a way to balance your feet issues albeit without shoes! If you feel more comfortable that way.. My feet get so cold like my hands some days I have to wear about 6 pairs of socks sometimes on my hands ha ha. 

    Ah well will wait for that rheumatologist appt now. Long process this.. 

  • Quite a few of us have posted about rashes and there does appear to be vast differences in the way ,type of and where they are on different people.

    I get the livedo reticularsis,a reddish purplish blotchy one ,a slight pinkish blush and a raised bibbly (not very technical term but then i am not the brightest lightbulb in the shop) a bit like your leg one on my face.

    They can come and go staying for weeks or just a few days.Infection like chest,water etc ,full on flare,change of meds or sunlight/indoorlights all aggravate or invite the unwelcome unpaying guests to visit my skin .

    As in my spot the difference,2nd photo and shadowalkers lupus rash pics for little effie posts you will see the many different types and colours and how others ,in their replies ,have described theirs.

    Not many people get itchy rashes but some do so keep photos and symptom diary of all rashes to show Gp and any specialist you see as they will get a better idea of what you are experiencing Anand suffering.

    Hope something in there helps

  • Yes this is helpful. Thank you very much for your response. I've had various things going on for years but the rashes are relatively new.  I'm just amazed how symptoms vary so much. With the odd good day thrown in between. 

    I take a photo of everything now. Even video of my wheeze because it's so indiscriminate and GP just didn't take me too seriously. Still not sure why I get it. Another odd one. I think someone posted a really good symptom diary a wee while ago. I need to source that. 

    Thanks again :)

  • Have a look at Barnclowns posts.

    She posted a symptom tick list for appointment preparation.

    She is also a wonderful friend and amazing detective of really useful information.Well worth following if you don't already.

    As for the wheeze.I never had a wheeze or any breathing probs until 30 and despite breathing exercises ,antihistamines etc have ended up with two inhalers to keep me out of A&E .It all started after a short but sharp lupus flare so ,remembering I am no doc just a long term Lupus survivor ,your wheeze maybe an indication of your lupus? activity along with the rashes. Something likes to appear and say hellooo there you're having a flare.

    Ps GPS rarely have training or understanding of lupus and associated autoimmune/connective tissue disorders and may not have even met one before so don't be suprised at their reaction.It would not be out of place to ask them outright what their knowledge is about the condition and ,if they agree to not that much ,to refer you to a department specific to symptom i.e.. dermatologist,lung function test unit etc.

    Take care and hope you get some answers soon.

  • Oh thanks! Great help. 

    That's really interesting. My wheeze started 2yrs ago. Phases of it. I wonder whether it's linked to dryness of throat. There more often than not but only fleetingly in a day. Been tested for asthma, copd, X-ray. Nothing. Have an inhaler. Sometimes it's quite audible and person next to me hears it. Only on inhale. But it's so random when occurs and where I feel it. 

    Yes, I've have met Barnclown briefly. Very helpful and informative so thanks for that too!

    I have finally found a GP who wants to connect the dots. Suggestion of POTS by GP and connective tissue disease by neurologist hence referral to rheumatologist. So various angles being considered now. I think I will be quite distressed if they put it down to anxiety... But hey ho... 

    I believe from reading posts you can test rashes for lupus.. So maybe  a dermatologist might help as well - at least to get a cream that works on the leg rash..

    Thanks ever so much for your support. 

  • Yes we all get different rashes in different places from lupus. 

  • Hello. I have SCLE - Subacute Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus and so my skin is a real issue for many reasons and rashes. I am sun sensitive too. Some of my rashes itch and some don't. I also have eczema. So moisturising is a must to keep it all under control. You probably need a Dermatology referral too. Good luck. 

  • Thank you!  Everyone has been super helpful here. This leg rash is ridiculously itchy. I've had it before. Took a while to disappear. So I think I'm stuck with it for a bit again.. Yes, dermatologist I think. The livido recticulus rash is a weird looking spidery thing but not itchy at all and lasts hours then fades..

  • Hi trueman,

    Lupus and its associated conditions can cause a wide variety of different rashes. We have a booklet about skin involvement in lupus which you may find helpful. You can view and download it from our website at

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