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help to find a consultant in london

Hello everyone!

i am a portuguese girl, new in the UK and i live in London at the moment.

I have Lupus since september of 2000, so i really know/understand what it is living with this disease.

i am writing this post because i need some help. I have a GP now but he made me a referral for a near hospital and i really dont know if its the best way of doing the follow ups of my Lupus, because they didnt do me anything, like blood test with the lupus factors, etc.

How to find a good consultant for the NHS? or its better to go to a private consultant? how to get a insurance in this country to go to private hospitals?

Please let me know something from you

Lupie kisses


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Hi, you don't say where in London you live or which hospital you were referred to? Most large NHS hospitals here have good rheumatology depts as Lupus is treated mainly by these departments. What medications are you on?. Are you entitled to NHS care? If so that makes it easier.

If not the very best private lupus care I know of is at the London Bridge Hospital Lupus Centre run by professor Hughes and team. I have no idea of the cost but most consultants fees would be in the region of £200 to £300 for a consultation and investigations and medications can be quite expensive.

Insurance companies would have a qualifying period, often of several months and usually exclude pre existing conditions. You could google private health care and research different ones.

I think you should go back to your GP and explain the situation as he could do the blood tests if you are entitled..

Failing that it might be cheaper to get a cheap flight to Portugal whenever you need a check up if you can arrange your appointments there!

Hope that gives you something to go on and that you stay well. I wish you all the best..


Hi bethsuejane!

Sorry for the lack of information in my post. I was referral for the Royal Free Hospital, had one appointment there and i really didnt like it because the SHO didnt listening my lupus story or asked for a regular blood test. And in the last few weeks i have been letargic, with severe hair lost and joint pain that make me stay in bed for long, symptons that i didnt have before.

My medication is prednisolone 5mg, Plaquenil 200mg, Calcium 600mg and Enalapril 20mg.

Thanks for letting me know all this, its really important for me, because i am new in the UK and i am not used to this health system.

All the best. Thank you very much.

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I currently receive treatment under the NHS (and you should be able to as well) at St. Thomas' hospital in London. I see Dr. David D'Cruz who also works out of St. Olaf House, London Bridge Hospital. A private hospital.

The treatment that I get under Dr. D'Cruz and the NHS I cannot fault. So I would get your GP to refer you there. As Bethsuejane points out above, if you decide to go the private route it will be very expensive and if you have just taken out private medical insurance, it will be a while before you can start making claims for treatment.

Good luck and keep well.


Hi Kentish_Man

Thanks for letting me know all this, its really important for me. I didnt know any Lupus Consultant.

All the best. Thank you very much.

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i approached london bridge and it would cost me £1,000 for all the tests and initial consultation. oddly the doctor that works there works at my local hospital anyway. you can be referred to st thomas's or any other hospital of your choosing that is your right to do so. i think also that portugal is part of eu so you should be covered for illness but check that out with the cab


Hi Tintin49

Thanks for letting me know all this, its really important for me. I didnt know that i could be referred out of my local hospital.

yes Portugal belongs to EU, its my home country. I had my appointments there, but now i am living here and i would like to start to have my medical system where i live.

All the best. Thank you very much.

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hi there. I hope this answer will help. I vist ST. Thomas Hospital in London and I see a Dr D Cruz. He is fab and he is a a doctor who specializes in Lupus


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