Kidney Biopsy another hurdle in this consant battle completed

well i had my first kidney biopsy on friday what a toal crap day that was i was told to ring the day before to make sure a bed was avalible so i did yes i was told that wont be a problem (secretly i was dissapionted as i been trying to put it off as i was nervous about having it done) my friend let me down who was ment to be having my son for half an hour before school so he had to come with us i had to be there for 9am so we arrived at 8.30 to be told there is no beds but with juggling it should be ok the doctors apparantly dont want to cancell it so after eventually being put in a room im told its not booked in till 2pm so we had to be there 5 hours before the biopsy, i totally understand they have to get blood test results ect but 5 hours before was a joke i eventually went down to have it done at 2.45 which wasnt as bad as i expected apart from the fact i felt the needle going in but more anisthetic sorted that then had to lie flat for 6 hours my husband and son were in the car all this time as it was to far to go home then back again i was finally released at 10.00 pm after being in 5 different wards and talked about by the nurses as if i shouldnt be there it wasnt my fault they had no beds i did my part i just feel so angry about the whole experience but at least its done now hopefully the results will be ok xx

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  • Hello Helen

    Well at least its done.

    I had a kidney biopsy for another reason, and the only time they could get me in was overnight on Nov 5th. Which it must be said is not the best night of the year to be in hospital in Brighton, - it was more like Beirut.

    The bit I liked was trying to eat dinner while lying flat

  • i hope they at least put you near a window so you could watch them may have passed a bit of time xx

  • Helen, Bet you're glad thats over and done with!! Hope you dont have to wait too long for the results - good luck with that.

    I am waiting to get called for my kidney biopsy!! Am told it will be at Brighton just like you Thaddeus - hopefully wont have to wait til November 5th!!

    Yols xx

  • thankyou x they really are not as bad as i thought they would be good luck with yours xx

  • Hi Helen. My daughter had a kidney biopsy last month. She was dreading it but said it wasn't too bad. /she also said it was fun trying to eat lying down! Hope all goes well with you xx

  • thanks they never let me even try to eat but would have been an expierience lol xx

  • Sorry you had a bad experience :0( I work on a hospital ward so know at the moment we are in great need of beds, there are way more sick people than there are beds to put them in. Were you not told that you would have to lay flat for about 6 hours to minimise risk of a bleed? Glad to say that when i had my last biopsy at Brighton it was a good experience apart from seeing a core of white coloured kidney that they'd taken out. Knew then that my kidneys had finally given up. I have a brilliantly working transplant who will have it's sixth birthday tomorrow! It's just the rest of me that's falling apart now lol. Best of luck, hope you have positive news Helen :0)

  • thankyou i totally understand how tough it is for nurses ect it was them talking about me behind my back i didnt like, they were lovely to my face but must have known i could hear them through a thin curtian lol still over with now just have to wait for results happy birthday to your transplant for tomorrow xxx

  • iv got a biopsy on tues 13 ov march n im really worried

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