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how many days does it take to get Ana blood test result back from doctors?

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if you had a positive Ana blood test .how many days did it take to receive results by post from doctors?

if you rang doctors to ask about results how many days did you leave it?

i have spent 7yrs having all my symptoms dismissed by GPS as just when i come across lupus on the Internet and asked a new GP about it. i was so amazed to be listen to and taken seriously .that i totally forgot to ask how long it takes to get blood test results

on Wednesday 31st October at 9.00am i had blood test taken at a small hospital .i don't know if they test bloods there or have them tested at a larger hospital .

test i had done where


full blood count

iron and iron binding

glucose fasting rule random specimen

liver function test

thyroid function test

corrected calcium

vitamin b12

i read that some blood test take longer to process than others but it did not say which ones

doctors only send you a letter if there is something wrong with results .so i am not sure how long to leave it before ringing doctors for results

i have only had the thyroid test before .1st time for all the others

GP said that lupus does not always show up on blood test and that if they all come back OK then i can still go back and discuss things.

he did say if something does show up than .we will have to decide what we are going to do about it

i feel more positive about things after seeing this GP

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It depends as you said on what lab does the tests but nhs results for these could take between 10 to 14 days. But you can always call the gp and ask clarification on timing, I would not wait for a letter when it is such a critical step in your diagnosis. I'd call the gp in a week, say. If they haven't received the results then you call again in 2 days and so on. Or better still, just make an appointment with your gp now for 2 weeks time, regardless of the result you still want to discuss next steps, you might as well set it up now proactively. Good luck!

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hi purpletop

thanks. i will ring up doctors next week and ask if results are in .and book an appointment at the same time

i will make sure i get the same GP.

i have taken the advice from the old dears who where in doctors waiting room.they said if you ring late morning after 10.00am .and can get in to see a GP that day then that's a bad sign. you know there no good

the GPS you have to wait weeks to get an appointment for.are the ones you want

as they seemed regulars i asked them which GP they recommended .

they said this new GP was good . i had to wait 3 weeks to get an appointment with him so new he must be popular

when i ring next week i probably have to wait 3 weeks again to get in with him. so with any luck results should be in by then

You could just go to the surgery and ask for a printout of the results. At my surgery they are usually back within the week. Occasionally I have met opposition from a receptionist when I have asked, but you have a right to see any information held about you, so be polite but firm and you will get them.

They can charge a small fee for the cost of the printing (but my surgery never has).

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hi maggies

thanks.think i will ask for a print out of the results .it would be good to keep a record at home . so i can go over what test Ive had . and if i have any more blood test then i have something to compare it with if its the same blood test.

i know what you mean about receptionist .but as you said everyone has the right to see there medical record and information.

A positive ANA can sometimes take 3 weeks in my experience as the lab will sometimes do a anti ds-DNA, which I understand shows how the lupus anti body is bound to the DNA, but don't quote me on that. if my ANA is negative it is usually back In a week. Mine is sometimes positive 1:320 and sometimes negative especially when taking steroids. I ha've had 2 pos and 2 neg in the last 7 months. my rhumie is not worried by this as h can physically see I look like pants! I always ask for a printed copy of all blood results and my surgery have now put this on my notes. I am newly diagnosed and still getting my head around it. Xx

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hi jemmyjemjem

thanks.think i will ask surgery about putting something on my notes . saying from now on can i have a printed copy off all blood test results.

i am trying to get my head around Ana blood test .there is so much to take in

yes I know, it's so complicated, I researched everything for 3 months before going back to my .gp and demanded to see my rhumie, I will try and find the site that I found the most useful, it explains all about the pattern in a positive ANA .

I have had a really down day today. my head is all foggy. I can only describe it as having permanent baby brain. I have been snappy & short with my family. my husband gets exasperated as I can't make myself clear as my brain is saying one thing and somwtjibh different times comes out, I struggle to complete sentences. I am so tired and ulcers have literally popped up all day. my hands hurt and I think I have the start of parotitis again :( it's been a stressful week so I am guessing that is the contributing factor. I am currently sat o the sofa whilst the husband cooks the Diinner. I am on a diet too cause of steroids so can't Even stuff myself with cake lol

hey ho. I'll be ok again tomorrow I am sure.


ps will send that link when I turn my pc on x

You can't be on a diet because of steroids! Steroids are my perfect excuse for putting weight without feeling guilty! I hope your symptoms improve and you can get off them though, you must feel really down. Nice of your hubby to cook dinner, at least you don't have to worry about that on top of everything.

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dgleds in reply to Purpletop

boy oh boy!!!! fried eggs and toast sure taste good when your on steroids:) Then again, i could have eaten the paint off the fridge door!

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with the brain fog has your spelling been effected?

when i write and then read back what i have put . i know i have spelt a word wrong but can not think how to spell it

its a good job i have spell check on here lol

if your asked to describe something . does your mind go blank and you can not think of the words you want to say?

this has been happening to me. i never used to have these problems

nice of your husband to cook you dinner

hope you have a better day tomorrow

would be great if you can send that link.its good to read sites that other people have found to be helpful

I know tell me rhumie!! I have to email my weight loss every week no matter how small. It was the compromise to stay on the higher dose for longer to give the azathioprin a chance to work. when I dropped onto th lower dose the ulcers come back in full force. hey ho I have syn free merigne cooking in the oven andsyn free ice cream freezing :) feeling better for eating half a cow covered in onions lol . who'd be a Louis suffer eh lol Xx

yeah that's exactly it flint1 my brain goes blank, or I.lose my train of thought or just can't get the words out. yes writing Is that same, I struggle with spelling yet I have an English degree, and never had a problem before, it's like I have foggy fingers lol. I hate the way the brain fog makes me feel, so confused :( iris nice to know its not just me :) Xx

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