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Spotty rash every time im in the bath outside etc

Spotty rash every time im in the bath outside etc

Hi thier since the start of august I have been getting these spotty rashes over my arms and legs practically everywhere they are very itchy and always come if im in the bath outside even no im fully covered from head to toe when they do come I literally have to cool my body down and they eventually go away in some cases I use e45 any ideas what could be wrong cause this is a new symptom im dealing with and it wasnt thier before so am wondering why its thier now I have attached pictures so u can see what im kn about

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I have it too! So so so annoying! Cannot shave my legs, bleeds every time!

Tried e45 and diprobase!

My legs look awful :(



Is it hives?

I get this from time to time and believe it is related to lupus...something to do with inflammed cells that leak histamine. Mine are incredibly itchy and hot. They can be individual spots all over or sometimes the join together and I get red patches. They usually look slightly raised but not always.

Anyway, if it is this cream hasn't helped me but antihistamines from my doctor do with the active ingredient chlorophenamine.

Hope this helps X


If they happen when you're exposed to heat in the bath or the sun then it sounds like a histamine reaction similar to urtacaria. Try antihistamines or a hyrdrocortisone cream if they're safe with your other medication and see if that helps.

If they're not then try a warm, not hot, bath with Dead Sea Spa Magik Dead Sea Bath Salts ( That might at least help with the itching symptoms. Aloe vera gel can also be a god send!


I am new to this site. I have Lupus and RA

and for the past couple of months I have been itchy all over. My skin is feels as if it's crawling and I have spots nearly everywhere. My face is bad and also down below. It's really getting me down. Have tried every cream took antihistamine but nothing is helping. Not sure if this is linked to my Lupus. Any help please


I have itchy spotty rash all over me, my skin feels it is crawling. I have really bad spots on my cheeks and also down below. It's really getting me down. I have tried I think almost everything. Not sure if this is anything to do with having Lupus or RA. This has been going on for months. Anyone else been having this.


Try Aqueous Cream that you can get from Tesco in a big tub. This is soothing for the redness and try antihistamines as well to take the itch out. See if this helps. Xx



I haven't had many skin issues or consistent appearing rashes, but I have had some small persisting spots.

I discovered via a case of the flu, that what I was eating was making me feel much worse. I've been through various food "journeys", but perhaps the most simple way to see how food helps/hurts is TV program called "Food Hospital" where they change what people are eating to help them with health issues. I haven't seen all the programs, but they have some on skin issues like eczema. Making some food changes made a huge difference in a couple of months to the people they showcased.

I switched what I was eating (no processed foods), and my skin issues cleared up. My experience, but hopefully works for others.

All the best,



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