how to cope with dry mouth at night

Hi...I dont often post asking for help but the dryness in my mouth at night is getting me down. I sleep with my mouth open, which doesnt help, and the dryness wakes me up

I tried a free sample of xylitol tablets recently. You pop one (or two) in your mouth at night, its supposed to stick to your teeth or gums, and leave it to dissolve. It helped a bit, instead of waking with a foul hot dry tongue and mouth it was like being coated in mint flavoured softened chalk

I'm wondering what the rest of you with sjogrens do to help???

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  • Hi

    Have you tried biotene gel? It helps a little.I actually put it oninside of cheeks and outside of gums as find this gives it more staying power as it works its way into my mouth instead of straight down my throat.

    I have also found that wearing my teeth guard,only when pain is grim as I clench my teeth while asleep and set my tmj off,that the guard makes my mouth water like crazy .

    Don't know if that was helpful but thought I'd mention it.

    Hope you find something to work soon.

  • You've reminded me I have some bioxtra gel tucked away, just dug it out so I'll try that again tonight, been a while since I used it, and my gp prescribed a spray (glandosane) that I dont like, its foamy and doesnt really do very much...Nothing I've tried seems to encourage saliva except the pills the dental hospital gave me a few years ago....pilocarpine... and they worked a treat but they made me ill and were stopped :( I was told there was nothing else they could give me...thanks elfie xx

  • Yep getting the right thing without adverse side effect is like balancing a seesaw.Half the time you're sitting on one side and they either jump on the other end and send you flying or get off and you hit the deck.

    Defo balancing act with all meds.

    Sprays didn't help me either with one setting my asthma off.

    Hope the gel works x

  • Thanks but I dont think it will, thats why I stopped using it but will give it another go....pity we cant chew gum in our certainly helps in the day x

  • Hi

    I was advised, by an oral surgeon, that glandosan spray can damage your teeth.

  • Thats what worried me a bit about using the xylitol pills overnight although it did say it was a healthy option

  • I don't know about xylitol he just told me about glandosan (prescribed by gp). He said Biotene gel and mouthwash was ok

  • I use Dentaid Xeros gel, one drop of gel each night before sleeping. Works well for me. You can get in at the pharmacy without a prescription.

    I have UCTD.

  • Not heard of that Patricia....will have a look online...thanks. I have mild SLE

  • Hi Chrisj

    I can just add that you can get Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash from Boots . I've found they've given me back my saliva. Are you taking Amitriptyline as that can give a very dry mouth ?. Hope it improves. X

  • Misty I use bioxtra toothpaste and mouth wash, the hospital prescribed them with the gel. I think the brands similar to biotene but they dont do much for me. I have some amitriptyline and use those when I'm not sleeping well, I dont take them regularly. The rheumatologist warned me they had dry mouth side effects....not what you want to hear with sjogrens

  • Agreed: dry mouth is horrible to manage, chris. Am glad you've got some great replies

    Here is my story: Biotene products don't help me much with my sjogrens dry mouth...and, like you, I just don't like those prescription artificial saliva sprays...and my rheumatologist advises we avoid pilocarpine because it can make my Dysautonomia worse....but last year my periodontist got me into gengigel mouthwash & gel...I use them both before bed...smearing the gel inside my mouth the way Effie describes...and this helps a bit...but the only way I cope otherwise is by having a big jug of water by my bed: I wake up & sip from my glass several times a night. Of course conscientious oral hygiene is a must too (flossing & scrubbing teeth before bed etc)

    Maybe something in there can be useful to you

    😘🍀😘🍀 coco

  • Hi coco..I've been taking a cold drink to bed with me for a long time...I've tried all sorts but a good unbroken nights sleep seems to have gone by the wayside. I used the bioxtra gel last night..still woke up unable to swallow easily and had a drink as usual....brushing my teeth and mouthwashes are the norm. One thing the dental surgeon said when I went for my first consultation was that my dental hygiene was good, so I know thats not a problem :)

    Had a look at the Dentaid Xeros gel and its £11 30 for 50ml..doesnt look to be that available either in the UK..Sorry to be so negative but I'm really fed up with it all, there doesnt seem to be any way to improve things at night...affects taste as well

  • I know...sounds like we have a lot in common. I've given up any hope of unbroken sleep....seems to me you're not being're just telling it like it is...which is important to all of us who live this life of dryness...being in denial doesn't solve problems or make the going easier.... I'm so sorry you had to stop pilocarpine. Recently I read that cyclosporine drops are used for dry I've been wondering if some form of cyclosporine can be used to treat dry mouths????

  • Its used in organ transplant from what I've just read and suppresses the immune system, and for psoriasis but dont about dry mouth, havent seen any evidence its used for that purpose...

  • Sounds right

    I just googled cyclosporine: taken orally it GIVES you dry mouth


  • Yes thats what I read....sods law

  • Hi,

    I read your comment "it's a pity we can't chew gum in our sleep ". Because that is exactly what I do if I wake up with a dry mouth.

    I had a particularly rough night recently where my nose was all bunged up and i could only breathe with my mouth open, but it kept getting so dry, so I put a stick of gum in my mouth.

    I don't lay on my back so I knew I wouldn't choke, but I just kept it in the inside of my cheek and it was enough to keep the saliva in my mouth.


  • Dry stuffy nose is what keeps my mouth open as well Georgie. I've got a tube of Xylitol gum, will try that tonight as I dont always go straight back to sleep and end up watching night tv. Not sure I'm brave enough to leave it in my mouth but it sounds a good dries up so quickly...thanks x

    My saliva glands are drying up. They did an x ray or was it a scan, its a few years ago, injected fluid in a gland in one side of my mouth and he showed me the little glands on screen, they look like little rivers. Had a mouth biopsy too and thats what made the diagnosis a positive

  • Hi Chris, for a dry stuffy nose you can try a saline spray or Neilmed rinses during the day and before bed. This really helps me. PS I would be careful about sleeping with might go down the wrong tube!

  • Have used saline sprays Bebe but have to be careful as they burn my nose and yes I'll be very cautious re the gum :) Not heard of Neilmed rinses...are you in the UK??

  • Neilmed is available in the UK,Canada and US. I found the rinses at my local chemist when I was in the UK. I cant remember if it is at Boots. The rinses are more 'thorough' than the sprays. Google their website. I have a dry nose and this thickens the mucous. The rinse help to clear things up.


    Am a HUGE long-time fan of all neilmed products: several years ago neilmed rises & sprays were recommended to me by ENT to manage my chronic sinusitis...I use the extra strong saline spray cans every morning & before bed: FOR SURE these help me a lot with my dry mouth probs both day & night. Then several times a week I use the rinse bottle system...and even more frequently if the sinusitis is flaring. I order neilmed products from Amazon UK no prob

    Of course, my neilmed regime also has reduced the frequency of my nasal passage lesions & infections too

  • ENT prescribed saline for me too. I was having nose bleeds so my gp sent me off..I found the salt burned my nose so then they gave me peanut oil cream to just goes on and on...I still have some in the cupboard, used now and again is fine but I wouldnt use it every day again

  • You might find the Neilmed rinse a little gentler. It has salt but also sodium bicarbonate which helps to balance the pH and reduce the sting. I don't notice any sting but you may be more sensitive. Also it is better at flushing out the nasal passages than the sprays because of the larger volume of liquid that is used.

  • My experience of both types of sinus rinses agrees with yours, Bebe

  • I'm in the UK chrisj & use Neilmed rinses. available from Boots & probably other chemists but I usually buy the sachets from Amazon. As Bebe76 says, these help me a lot too x

  • Thank you, will have a look at Boots

  • For stuffy nose, have you tried Breathe Easy nose strips? There are strips that stick over the nose and lift the nostrils a bit, enough to give a good flow of air during sleep. Not very sexy but at least I don't snore.

  • I have the same problem. It wakes me up if I am asleep. So does going to the bathroom many times during the night. I need sleep badly. If anyone has solutions, I'd appreciate them. Thank you. I did take some medication for a dry mouth and it made my hair fall out like crazy. That's the reason I quit taking it. I asked my doctor for it. She prescribed it and I am sorry, I don't remember the name but it surely did help with the dry mouth.

  • There are lots of suggestions from the members in here, hope you find something that will help xx

  • Hi all. Have you thought of a humidifier in your bedroom to keep the air moist?

    Works for me. Not too expensive, safety cut out, timer.

    Just my tuppence worth


  • I'm going to get one, its deciding which one..thanks :)

  • I just drink plenty of cold water

  • I use the gel on gums at night, and use sst saliva stimulating tablets. But it's the permanent think throat drives me crazy.

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