Night time dry mouth solved!

I have discoid lupus and Sjogrens - haven't slept well for over a year. My mouth is so dry and painful even with sprays. Sjogrens magazine popped thou the door and a fellow sufferer had written about Xylimelts made in USA but available here at mouth - you can't buy them anywhere else so far. You put the darker side of disc to your gum and it slowly melts during the night. They work! Have much improved sleep since - now if only they had similar for the eyes. I had to share this in the hope that it would help others. Good luck everyone.

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  • hello Cas

    i'm very interested....glad it's helping you! just a word of caution: the ingredient xylitol in this OTC can cause probs for those of us with GI issues &/or on GI meds...cause xylitol has a level of laxative effect....i'm vvvv reactive to all lupus & sjogrens give me loads of GI probs.....xylitol is a sugar alcohol used as a sweetener....i'll show a pharmacist my meds list & check nothing contraindicates using this product....& i feel it'd possibly/probably be worth checking with a GP & relevant consultants before using it ....

    🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

  • Hi Coco - I have discoid lupus - which is more external so no GI issues - take your point about checking first tho - it works for those who have Sjogrens. Good luck

  • Unfortunately many of us with Sjögren's also have GI issues as part of the disease Cas.

  • I did say best to check first. Not everything causes GI problems

  • Anything is worth a try

  • Yes I agree Cas - just thought I should point out because you said it "works for people with Sjögren's" - which suggests that Sjögren's isn't multi system disease in its own right.

    However many of us with Sjögren's have GI problems like Barnclown's, not just dry mouth and eyes. I was eating Orelieve in great dollops until I realised it was causing an increase in my tummy pain - which is entirely Sjögren's related in my case. Same for the xylemelts sadly.

  • It does work for people with Sjogren's- just not ALL - don't be so pedantic- you aren't the keeper of this website!

  • According to the Sjögren's expert I saw last week most with Sjögren's also have GI problems relating to the dryness and IBS. Same goes for Lupus I believe. I'm not the keeper here of course but I would hate others to have to unnecessarily discover this the hard way as I have.

  • Thanks Cas. I posted on this thread because it came up when I was looking for info on xylitol. It's on the list of Fodmap foods to avoid and I'm just starting the low Fodmap diet under the guidance of an NHS dietician.

    This post of yours maybe a year old but anyone else who looks for dry mouth treatments will come across it so it's important that they get the right info. I'd like to have a life that was free of such crap as this but somehow this isn't as easy advice to follow for me as I'd like it to be.

  • Have to try them x

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