Anyone get bleeding mouth?

This sounds really awful but does anyone else get bleeding mouth when they brush their teeth? I see a dentist regularly and don't have gum disease but whe I brush my teeth my mouth sometimes bleeds a lot. I'm wondering if it's because of catching ulcers with toothbrush or just lupus affecting my gums as it only seems to happen on a flare. Thanks, Jenny x

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  • You really need to consult a dentist about this jennywren. There are a number of possible causes, including infection that could need antibiotics to clear it up. You could try corsodyl mouthwash initially, but you do need to get it checked out. Make sure you let the dentist know your medical history & what meds you are on when you go, as there could be a possible link.

    Best wishes. X

  • Thank you. I've seen my dentist who says there's nothing to note other than sensitive teeth. It seems to come with a flare then go again. Just wondered if anyone has anything similar withttheir lupus? X

  • Yes I have this on and off, normally when there are ulcers or swelling present. I went to ghe dentists only last week as an emergency as I had had swollen gums around all my back teeth for over a week and nothing was shifting it. I never have the ulcers/swelling on my check ups (sods law!!) So my dentist had said to come in when I was having the problems. So I went in and she said everything was fine!! She said I had inflammed gums around the back teeth but that the teeth and gums were very clean so there was no infection so nothing she could do!! So frustrating. I get a really dry mouth, which had been made worse by the amitriptyline I take for sleep. But she said there was not a lot she could do about that. So l do suggest you get checked out, but dont be suprised if it doesnt get you any answers :-/ xxxx

  • I do, have it now in fact, and have had on and off for years. Dentists have said my teeth/gums are fine so its on my list to mention to my consultant, but I think the response will be 'its associated with your Lupus' ... as is everything else lol xx

  • I have this now even before lupus i have used oraldene for the problem to treat mouth ulcers, gingivitis, bleeding gums or mouth whatever you wanna call it this is a common problem but not with lupus but in the meantime as everyone else has said check this up with the dentist they can tell you the true cause good luck but use the oraldene you can purchase this from almost anywhere about £3 max andit works no more bleeding mouth for me :)

  • I get this my dentist has done all gum test it comes and go be careful as bleeding gums can lead to infection. I do find that aloa Vera toothpaste helps

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