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A baby platypus is called a puggle


How cute is this little one?

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cute and curious creatures. wonder what noise they make. do they quack?

Awwww how adorable. xxxThanks for sharing CP. xxx

EJ 🤗♥️🥰

...and here’s some more info about it:


Thank you so much what fascinating creatures xx

Soooo cute ❤️



He (or she) is gorgeous, and you just gave me my first, and much needed, smile of the day. Thank you xx

I am so pleased. We all need more cuteness and more smiles in our lives. Big Cwtches to you too xx

Thank you, and back to you xx

Puggle! You find the best and the rare 😅


I try 😂xxx

❤️ this! A puggle doing its daily exercises! Here in Scotland we say we are fair puggled if we are very tired. Now I’ll have to say I’m fair baby platypussed! 🤣🤣Xx

Do you I have never heard that before? I will ask my hubby when he gets back from walking the dogs as he is Glaswegian 😂😂xxx

How adorable

How old do they get before the develope the stinger on the under belly ??

bookish in reply to jetjetjet

Newby12's Wiki link above talks of males having a venomous ankle spur on hind leg. Both sexes are born with it and they drop off on females before end of first year, if that is any help!

I honestly don’t know 🤔

Seriously cute that one cecily. Xx

It is so cute Misty. Glad you like it. Xxx

What an adorable puggle! I grew up in Australia but never saw a platypus in the wild. He is just gorgeous. Thanks Cecily! 🤗😘x

You are welcome. I am glad you like him xxx

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