Delivered a baby girl

Delivered a baby girl

Hi year ago I have posted my worry about getting pregnant and how tge disease will have its effect...lupus group gave me good support regarding this..happily informing that I delivered a beautiful baby girl on 3rd feb this year...I did not have any complications through out my pregnancy period or after that though I had had lots of worry during regarding neonatal lupus and about my daughter god's grace everything was fine..before pregnancy my wbc count was low, esr was high...but after geeting pregnant everything became normal to my surprise...lots of prayers was there for both of us..which gave a very good result...but am not able to feed my baby as it can cause bad effects for my baby due to the medicines am taking..was no prednisolne, hydroxychloroquinine, tacrolimus..calcium , metformin and folic acid...after the delivery my sugar levels bacame normal..stopped metformin tabs and prednisolnone.... :) :) reduced my weight after stopping monitoring the blood levels every week...tried to be happy thru out the pregnancy and now too with the help of my loving and caring husband...

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  • Huge congratulations to you and your husband on the birth of your baby daughter! Thank you for sharing your news with us. Great to hear something so positive and uplifting. Enjoy every moment with her. They grow up so fast!

  • Thanku wendy for ur warm wishes...thought of sharing this good news as it would help many would be having worries regarding getting pregnant and its complications....I think being happy and being away from sun makes us better...I go for work before sunlight gets thicker and comes back after 5 pm so that I dont get hurt from sun..always try to be happy and makes others happy even if I get pains...dont like to disclose my sorrows to others and make them sympathetic on me...:) :) always I get engaged in some work or the other so that I dont get lonely. I cannot go out with friends to roam about..makes jewellery for friends in the free times..makes dishes for two three days so that I can rest in husband and brother lives with me..They both helps me a lot...husband (my strength)tries to keep me happy always...:) he says that if we are happy ..nothing can defeat us...loving life too much..

  • Congratulations you give me hope xx

  • Thanku poodlegal..always be positive and try to be happy...and make life wonderful... :)

  • Hi Manju

    Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. Lovely to hear with the right care it went so well, will give others great heart!. Treasure her, she's a very special girl!X

  • Thanku misty for the warm wishes.. :)she is very special and our gift feom god..

  • lovely to hear such positive news. Huge congratulations to you and your husband. enjoy every minute!


  • Thanku belee for the warm wishes..

  • That's wonderful news!

  • :)

  • So happy for you; huge congrats to you and your husband!

  • Thanku very much for you warm wishes.. :)

  • Fantastic news, congrats to you both.

  • Thanku very much for your warm wishes. .. :)

  • Congratulations to you and your partner....hope you have a lovely life together xx

  • Thanku sharon for the warm wishes...

  • Congratulations to you xxxx Can we know the name of your daughter???

  • Yeah...her name is Reksha Sara Mathew..reksha in our language means saved by god.. :) I tried to post her pic..but not done..will try again

  • That's lovely Manju god bless you and your new family and welcome to Reksha Sara xxx

  • :)

  • I have posted my daughter's pic..hope u can see it... :)

  • Yes we can and she looks so contented. You have a very positive attitude to life Manju, its refreshing to read your posts xxx

  • Congratulations! It's lovely to hear this wonderful news. I wish you and your daughter good health and happiness.

  • Thank you so much for Sharing and being so positive, it is so uplifting to read :) Congratulations on your lovely news, and what a beautiful name! Love it!

    I am going through the same worries as you were at the moment as I have just been diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome aswell :( xxx

  • Thanku so much for ur warm wishes.. :) be positive ..u have to just do is pray, pray and pray..make a strong belief that god is healing and thank him for healing..u will see wonders and only god can do miracles in our life..whatever diseases we have,he will help us through happy so that u will get a remission healthy. .stay away from junk food..I am a pure non vegetarian but I prepared my self to stay away from non veg for a period to reduce my weight..which had a lot of effect..reduced sugar level came books which gave positive energy...I think staying away from people who sympathise will give u a change ( wen people come and talk more on the disease we get depressed)...engage in some activities so that always u get occupied and happy :) so that u will not get time to think about the disease and worry..try to be creative..check in the net how u can occupy urself..I used to draw pictures and make earings and give to friends...I did not have any ideas but surfing helped me..and i myself wondered that all those were made by me.. talk more with people and try not to let know about our disease..they can't do any thing ..just sympathise.. :( stay positive be ..happy..make others healthy... :) :) :)


    Manju manu

  • So pleased for you xx

  • Congratulations, your little girl is beautiful. Long live the happy times and great to hear you had wonderful support from both your husband and health teams. Enjoy your special time :)

  • Just saw post. Special Congratulations on your beautiful little daughter. Very pleased for you and your family. Good health and best wishes to you both

  • Thanku denden for ur warm wishes

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