I want a baby but have lupas

I have lupas and want a baby but have bin told to see the doctor first because of the medication am on already have a 3 year old I have not took my medication for about 5 months now what should I do as if I go to the doctors I dont want them to tel me to wait as I only just found out that my medication could give the baby a heart block

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  • Iam 2 months pregnant and I have lupus. My doctor told me everything is going to be okay. I go to him every month and get blood work done every month. I just have to be closely watched and have to start going to a high risk obgyn. You should what other meds could you take to replace the ones you are taking now.

  • I went & spoke to consultant b4 I conceived & then medication was sorted. As above went to high risk clinc & had extra scans. Felt great during pregnancy. My little boy is 8 months nxt wk!!!


  • Did any of you have to wait months first before you got pregnat going to try and see a doctor today. To find ovt more xx

  • I have 7 children and I have Lupus (since I was 17 yrs old). The only word of warning I will give, is that you might find your symptoms return quite strongly in the months after delivery as pregnancy is quite taxing on your immune system. While pregnant your natural steroid levels are higher so you should feel well. The only auto-antibody I do not have is anti-phospholipid (that's the one implicated in spontaneous miscarriage).

  • I weaned myself off all steroids & anti inflamatories after my first meeting (took about 6 months) then another 6 months to get pregnant. I injected myself with blood thinner during & after to prevent clots. I've been good since my son was born but dreading going back to work in new year!!

    Wow- 7 children, I'm tired at end of day with one!!

    Good luck xx

  • Wel I went to the doctors today and at first I couldent get in and asked for a emergancy appointment and got kicked out of the doctors so am guna do it alone and hope for the best x

  • Deciding to have a baby is a life long commitment. Deciding to get pregnant, when you know you have health issues that could complicate the pregnancy for you and baby, is a serious decision. Just because you could not see your doctor today - because it is not an emergency - is not a very good reason to "do it alone". If you are serious about getting pregnant then I would suggest you book and appointment and take the time to do this right, for your sake and your baby's.

  • I already have a 3 year old was upset when I said I would do it alone I got an appointment to get told to leave my doctors are rubbish and can not get a appoiot ment unless u say its an emergancy and I got a very rude nasty doctor to tel me to leave!

  • Hi emmah92,

    Do you have a good relationship with your GP? Talking to your GP is the best option as this will able them to individualise your health and the planning of your baby. Keep trying for an appointment and make the most of your time with your GP to get all the information and support you need.

    Attached is a fact sheet on 'Lupus And Pregnancy' which you can have a read through. If you require any more information or would like someone to talk too please do let me know.


    Keep in touch,



  • I got got in today and the doctor was very rude the only way to get seen is to say its an emergancy and when I got there he told me to leave with out talking to me I already have a 3 year old and have comlaind he was very rude and made me cry I wouldent do it alone was upset but I want the best for my babys and that doctor warent that im back there on the 3rd I hope I get some where next time its a shock to find out u might have complications never mined the doctor who dident want to see me x

  • I hope you are feeling a bit better now Emmah92, doctors are very frustrating sometimes. Am I understanding correctly that you have an appointment booked already, but you wanted to discuss it today, and that is when they got cranky? I am sorry you got so upset, how will you deal with this man when you go on the 3rd? Make sure that you are well prepared, write everything down that you want to say, stay calm and don't let him fluster you. Listen to what he has to say and ask questions. If this is going to be your doctor through a pregnancy you want to be friends.

  • Yes I seen him today and am seeing a diffrent on the 3rd so hopefuly I wil get on better with him xx

  • Hi emmah92,

    I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with your doctor today, hopefully you can get all the information and support you need on your next appointment. Do you have a family planning clinic local to you? Maybe try this option if you feel you are getting frustrated with your GP.

    Don't let this experience dishearten you.

    Take care,



  • It was them who told me to go to my doctors was heartbroken today but am ok now was a shok x

  • Hi Emmah92 when my mum was 27 she was told she has Lupus and she was given 6 week's to live but they managed to save her with a mixture of strong drugs and then when she was 32 she found out she was pregnant with me. The first doctor told her she should "get rid of it because it could be a monster" (well i am not) she left the GP and another GP called her back and he apologised to her over and over again and told her that as long as she looked after herself and did what she was told by her doctor's she would be fine and i would be fine. 25 years ago is a long time when it comes to Lupus and pregnancy and i was named a miricale Lupus baby becasue it was rare for both mum and baby to survive and now they have come so far with Lupus you should be ok. Good luck and take care, love and best wishes Hannah.x

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