My Wife

My Wife

This post has nothing to do with lupus. It is about my wife Laura. Yesterday we got some disturbing new from her doctor. Her left breast has been in extreme pain for the last few weeks and her breast has swollen from D to E cup size. For her to wear a bra is intolerable, and just normal movement from walking cause extreme pain. She has a red ring around her nipple and her nipple is swollen to about the size of the end of a thumb. (Her normal nipple size is about the size of a pencil eraser). They think she may have Paget's Disease? Sending her to a specialist

I googled what Paget's Disease is, I copied and pasted it.

Paget's disease of the nipple is a rare form of breast cancer in which cancer cells collect in or around the nipple. The cancer usually affects the ducts of the nipple first (small milk-carrying tubes), then spreads to the nipple surface and the areola (the dark circle of skin around the nipple). The nipple and areola often become scaly, red, itchy, and irritated.

According to the National Cancer Institute, Paget's disease of the nipple accounts for less than 5% of all breast cancer cases in the United States. Being aware of the symptoms is important, given that more than 97% of people with Paget's disease also have cancer, either DCIS or invasive cancer, somewhere else in the breast. The unusual changes in the nipple and areola are often the first indication that breast cancer is present.

About a month ago she started lactating, she is 53 years old and had to have a complete hysterectomy about 25 years ago, she will occasionally drip from her right nipple. She takes hormone but, other test showed that her thyroid is not working, they think this imbalance of hormones is causing this? That is the 2 medical issue.

If all of this is not bad enough another doctor called yesterday afternoon and set up an appointment for her with a cardiologist. Her heart echo cardiogram came back abnormal.

She has always been here to support and take care of me, I WILL DO THE SAME FOR HER!

She is my life and I love her so much!


As you can see in the photo, she supports me having to go barefoot, she goes barefoot also!


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32 Replies

  • Oh Tiras

    I am really sorry to hear this. I really hope all goes well and she gets good results. I will keep my fingers crossed and sending hugs.

    L xxx

  • Thank You! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    It is bad enough to get news like this anytime, but especially rough during the holidays!

  • Yes...12 years ago, Dec 22, I had my lumpectomy...rough to be cheery that Christmas..went on to have mastectomy(my choice) and implants reconstruction a couple of months later

    my best to you


  • I'm so sorry, and hope for the best. What a lovely supportive wife you have


  • Thank you!

    We have been married for 36 years! We take care of each other! That is the way it should be!

    She still works as a paralegal so, I can't work due to my health lupus etc. so I have dinner ready when she gets home every evening. Keep the house to where she only has minimum things to do.

    As I said earlier SHE IS MY LIFE!❤️❤️❤️

  • Thank you!

    Yes she has supported me with my lupus and other health issues. I will be there for her!

    We have been married for 36 years, I don't want to stop now taking care of each other!

  • So sorry about your news. Sending you both (((hugs))) and positive thoughts. xx

  • Thank You!

  • So sorry to hear all this - wishing you all the very best as you both go through this.

  • Thank You!

  • Sorry for you both. Sending you positive thoughts. One of my aunts had a similar problem last year. She is now 60. She saw different doctors and she is OK. I'll phone her to ask about details. Stay positive!

  • Thank You!

    You can send me a PM with what you find out?

  • Ok...

  • So sorry to hear this, hoping the results go well, thinking of you

  • Thank you!

  • Really sorry to hear your news and hope that things go well with treatment for your lovely wife. xxx

  • Thank you! We will find out in time, as they do more test? I hope and Pray everything come back with good results?

  • Your poor wife and you both. Wishing her the very best of luck with investigations and any treatment - and for you too of course Tiras. X

  • Thank You Twitchy!

    We will find out in time. We are hoping for the best?

  • Hi Tiras

    So sorry at your news. Do hope you both cope with this added stress and worry and have better news soon. It sounds like your beautiful wife is getting best possible care!. Sending lots of healing thoughtwaves to you . Take careX

  • Thank You!

    Yes, I didn't think about it but, you are correct. More stress can cause Lupus flares, but, I had rather it be me than her!

  • I will chant for her total recovery!

    Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is not a mystical phrase that brings forth supernatural power, nor is it an entity transcending ourselves that we rely upon. It is the principle that those who live normal lives and make consistent efforts will duly triumph.

    Im sure Your wife will win this battle :)

  • Thank You!

  • I am so sorry to hear all that is going on with your dear Beautiful wife. I had Breast cancer 12 years ago when I was changing event for sure. I had a bilateral mastectomy...not because I needed to, but because Cancer scared the hell out of my mammogram 6 weeks before I found a lump, didn't show a darn thing !! Good think I am a hypochondriac and had the lump checked out then and there instead of believing my mammography CLEAR report...if I waited for my next yearly mammo...who knows where I'd be now......I did have reconstruction with implants...suffered with those tight burning round balls on my chest until last march...had DIEP flap...(moves fat from belly to the beast area)..........anyhow.......this past September I was DX'd with Lupus....I thought I was too old to get a Lupus DX...guess not.

    I am glad you posted Pagets disease...There is another gal on here who was asking about her red rash on the underside side of her beast...I told he to check it out asap....there is also another form of Breast Cancer that most do not hear /knowabout..Inflamatory Breast Cancer..very aggressive ..........It is horrible to have the challenges of Lupus, and realize that other health issues are still possible...

    My BEST to you wife..and You dear husband of her's , That is what Love and Marriage is about I wish more married couples had that kind of devotion....My husband is just like you....with me every step of the way xoxox


  • Thank You!

    We are still hoping for the best, but, time will tell?

    Laura and I have been married for 36 years, no use stopping taking care of each other now!

    I am glad you got better. I hope you continue to do well.

    I understand about being diagnosed with Lupus, I am 58 male. I fall into non of the categories to have lupus. It took 6 or 7 years. Then my dermatologist accidentally discovered it. Then as they say the rest is history.

    Wishing you the best.

  • Thank You...except for lupus, I am well...My Rheumy told me that since I am an OLD(62) white female , I will not have a severe case. It was a rash for me also, that lead to my DX... I may not have a severe case, but my DX explains a lot, as far as how I have been feeling for years...Fatigue joint pain skin rashes

    Wish both you and your wife the husband was dx'd with sjogrens about 10 years ago...


  • So sorry to hear this, Tiras.

    To me, your wife's symptoms sound like periductal mastitis, an infection of the lactation ducts of the breast, which can be so very painful.

    Mastitis is usually treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications and lots of rest.

    I hope your wife gets some relief quickly.

    Hugs to both of you.

  • Thank You!

  • Just saw this Tiras and so very sorry you both are having to go through all this worry.

    Hope you get an answer soon and some treatment that will help.

    Thinking about you. xx

  • Thank you!

    We don't know for sure yet, there is more Testing to be done in the next few weeks?

    Your concern, thoughts, & Prayers are greatly appreciated!

    Wishing you the best!

  • Sorry to hear that Laura is ill Tiras. I will pray for strength for you both xx

  • Thank you!

    Prayers will help better than anything!

    Wishing you the best!

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