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Blue badge

I used to have a blue badge about 6 years ago but then was quite a bit better so when it ran out I didn't renew it as didn't feel I needed it anymore.

Now I have a lot of widespread pain and stiffness and am on steroids, mycophenolate and zomorph twice daily which I have to top up with morphine ocassionally.

The pain is in my hands and wrists and elbow and I wear splints most days. I am always in pain.

I can walk but sometimes not very far or either just end up in bed or just taking more painkillers.

I was looking at trying to get a blue badge again as I'm trying to carry on working, I do 2 days but where I park for work is a little bit of a walk and really impacts on how I manage which just has a knock on effect. Even just getting out the car of a normal parking space is painful.

My problem is that because I can walk, I don't think I will get a blue badge. It would just make my daily life better and I could do more things. I'm so on the verge of crying most days and wanting to just give up.

I know people do take the mick and get a blue badge when they don't need it but I feel it would really help me and just because I can physically walk means I wouldn't be entitled, but I still have major issues that makes daily life hard.

So don't know what to do

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Hi, I have a blue badge when you apply answer the questions on your worst days. When I have good days I don't use it but it does help when you get a bad day xx



If you are in receipt of Dla or Pip for your care or mobility and have a letter, then you will still be eligible for a blue badge.


You try and tell them how bad you are on a bad day, not a good day. If they say no you regroup and try again. Every authority is different - and for a blue badge part of the need is for the larger spaces to open the door properly - not only if you can walk.


You are in pain when you walk that's what counts tell them that , do you get DLA or pip ? You should apply if you don't , you can still get it even if you work .


I used to get dla several yrs ago and also had a blue badge. Then I became a bit better and didn't really need it so never renewed it.

So at least they will see that I previously had one with a different council.

That is very true! I can walk but yes I'm in pain when I walk so it makes a big impact on everything.

Parking at work has recently been taken away so I now have to park bit further away and I've definitely noticed a massive difference in my pain and fatigue.

I'm going to apply and just see what happens

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I filled the blue badge application form in online and they have replied to say that as I'm not automatically eligible then they need some 'relevant medical evidence'. It says consultant, physio or occupational health and then says we cannot recommend u contact your gp??

So I'm confused can it be your gp?? And are they just saying that so we don't all start ringing the gp??!


Yay!!! So I've just heard tonight that my blue badge application has been accepted!

All I provided for evidence was the front page of my last clinic letter stating my diagnosis and meds. I really thought that wouldn't have been enough but turns out it was so am soooo pleased. This will make such a big difference to my life.


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