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Blue Badge Assessment - What do I do????

I have my assessment for my blue badge next week and I am really worried.

Not really sure what I will be required to do or how I should act.

Normally I take my pain killers 1st thing in the morning and throughout the day to be able to somewhat function but should I not take them in on the day?

Also I don’t know what joints will be playing up that day, right now it is my hands and my wrists, I suffer from fatigue all of the time and since I have been taking steroids I am getting cramps in my calves when I walk, however to look at me walk I look completely normal even though I am in agony

Also should I bring with me letters from my doctor and my medication?

Is it likely that they want to talk to me or will I have to do physical tests of some kind?

My appointment letter was very vague and I have read a lot of scary stories on this forum so I don’t know what to do.

Any help will be really appreciated

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I do have a blue badge, its now all about how far you can walk, and how long it takes you. I was timed. I mentioned that I had had a couple of ulcers on my feet due to reynaulds and that my feet go numb and incredibly painful. Some days we have no problems and other days we are very bad, don't take any pain medication so they can see how you are on a daily basis. If you have a walking aid for occastional use take it with you, I now have a walking stick and crutches in my boot for emergency. Be honest, we all try and push our boundaries, I found the whole experience quite overwhelming and i was quite up set, as I hate asking for help and as I was under 40 years of age, people don't expect it. It has transformed my life though!!! so good luck


Thank you for your advice.

Anticipationing the appointment is so nerve racking that I am finding it hard to sleep. Cant wait to get it out of the a way , but i really hope i get it.


Very hard to get blue badge. In Kent I was seen by an occupational therapy very young lady. She asked me to walk across her office 3times and I was turned down. I have COPD and one of my lungs has places where it has collapsed . My respiratory. Nurse told me not to take me inhalers for few days next time I went.

My cousin has really bad chest and went to renew his. He sat down and said are you going to examine me, she said I will walk you to door. He didn't get renewal and had to appeal. Neither of us are stupid, he was a police officer and I was a registered nurse.

They making it so hard to get anything. I'm now appealing for my carers allowance.

Like the other lady said take crutches etc. xxxxx

Good luck



Did get my blue badge as now have Lupus and FM. Sent all my correspondence from my rheumy with my form and didn't have to see anyone, it was just issued lol xxx


Hi I have a blue badge that has just expired and now that the process for getting a new one has changed from the past I will probably have to go for an assessment. Hopefully your doctors will have been contacted and given helpful advice that will help you out and let the people assessing you see that you need the badge. Unfortunately we don't have symptoms that can bee seen all the time by other people all the time and out fatigue is not visible, with luck your doctor will point this out.

I wish you the very best of luck and hope that you are successful getting your badge as I know how valuable mine is to me, I hope that you are able to post positive updates on here and let us know how you get on

Madmagz x


As far as I know the doc has nothing to do with it now. X


Thank you madmagz

If it helps my mother suffers from Lupus also and had to renew her badge a few months ago.

She didn’t have to go for an assessment she just paid the fee and they sent it to her, but I don’t know if this differs to borough to borough (She didn’t go for an assessment when she first got her blue badge either)

I am not sure if anyone has contacted my GP but I will be going armed with my letters from them and I even have a copy of a fax which was sent to my employer after they wrote to them to confirm my condition.

I am going to keep an open mind but it’s very nerve racking as I am so used to people implying that I am lying about my symptoms

Going to think good thoughts and keep an open mind


Thanks Wotshername

I am sorry that your Mum has lupus but it is encouraging that she had no trouble getting her badge, unfortunately our council have passed everything to an outside agency who are very "thorough" almost insulting on occasions! Hopefully my application will go smoothly and I will get my badge. I am so pleased that it seems you are well armed and ready to present the assessors with all the documentation they are likely to need.

Good luck and I hope it goes well

Madmagz x


Hi Wotshernameagain

Sorry late replying, still finding my way around the new site!

I'm in the Midlands area and like you was very edgy, worried and on tenderhooks.

I got my Blue Badge a couple of months back, I'm on elbow crutches and have a wheelchair. I had a taxi down as was unable to drive that particular week, but I arrived early. The attendant told me that they watch you crossing carpark, but as I was using my crutches it took forever. The lady assessor came out to meet me, took one look at my face and my attempt to get up from the chair they had given me, ( it was a very bad month, so must have looked awful) and apologised for dragging me down for an assessment! She said that often it's difficult to assess on paper, how bad peoples mobility is. She was really encouraging, and told me not to give up, bless her....I have two types of arthritis and the wolf etc...The badge was through in two days, and has helped me so much when friends and relatives park at the hospital, doctors and shopping.

Get your supporting information from Rheumy and GP and also something about Lupus just incase they've never heard of it!! Hopefully everything will be fine will keep everything crossed for you. Good Luck xxx


I've had a blue badge for a few years. I renewed mine earlier this year. They sent me a form, which I was asked about my illness, what drugs I took and how far I could walk. Would I agree to be assessed a doctor. Yes, I said although I wasn't as it turned out.

The criteria to obtain a blue badge is not as high as it is for DLA, so try not to worry too much. I got my blue badge renewed and I know I need it. If I had to walk too far every time I went out I'd be housebound. I have read that some councils are better than others at issuing them.


I got one in 2011 : spoke the truth -- I can't drive any more (too disabled), my part-time low-pay work doesn't run to expensive taxis, my free bus pass doesn't make dark scary late-night waits at lonely bus stops any safer, my walking stick skids on wet pavements (and we get too much rain where I live) and my friend who drives me to shows she wants to see doesn't share all my tastes, so I don't go out enough .

Apparently I was watched as I got off the chair in the waiting room but happily (???) I was suffering a Bad Pain Day + my R. foot was agony.

All places I seem to go are city centre, so limited parking anyway, but I also like to support friends or their kids in their concerts, ballet shows etc, so it's fantastic to have

this badge for any driver to use when they offer me a lift.

Annoyingly the 2012 Reassessment was on one of the few afternoons I work (this Centre only does blue badge tests on Thursday afternoons) so I lost 4 hours pay. I was

also annoyed that it should have been obvious that my progressive arthritis + neuropathy are never going to get cured or even improved. The tester was nice, seemed clued up & agreed I shouldn't have to re-apply and make this long journey every year so he'd recommend to "Them" that I get a long-term badge. Have not been re-summoned in 2013.

So take heart !


Hey guys

I had my assessment for my Blue Badge today.

Wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.

I brought my mother me for moral support.

The accessor was quite nice and was not judgemental, she said that she could see that I was having trouble breathing and offered me water.

I was having quite a good day as my joints weren’t playing up us I was tired and having trouble breathing.

We did a short walk and she was patient with me as I kept having to stop and start.

We then had a an informal interview in which she asked me questions about my work home and social life, which I answered truthfully.

And even said that she felt that having a social life was important and I should be getting out more and the Blue Badge would benefit me.

My mum thinks I will get it…

I’m keeping my fingers crossed


I Called the Blue Badge team as I was told I would hear something within 10 days.

I was told that I have been approved for the Blue Badge and should receive it in the post shortly!

I know it is only a small thing but it has made me really happy!

Now to worry about the PIP


I went for my assessment on Monday of this week (17 March) at a satellite clinic in a retirement complex. I had been told that they watch you arrive and get out of your car, so I took my time with one or two stops as I always do. Once inside the building, I signed in at reception and was asked to sit outside a room on the left, where I waited for twelve minutes before being greeted by the Occupational Therapist.

I was shown into a room, photographed and she explained how the assessment process had changed in Jan14, whereby entitlement to a Blue Badge had been taken from GPs and transferred to Occ Therapists together with a "Blue Badge Team."

I took photo-copied ID and also my repeat prescription details, together with a letter in support of my application from my GP.

I took an orthopaedic report from a recent appointment I'd had and also took letters about current and forthcoming hospital visits - one was an admission to cardiology shortly.

I was asked many questions relating to my conditions and how long they had existed, about my medication, pain intensity and frequency, walking distances etc. I then did an accompanied walk inside the complex, before my assessment finished some 60 minutes later.

It concluded with a walk outside - up and down a slight gradient then up and down a kerb.

The OT rang me the next evening to confirm my medication, stating a computer malfunction being the reason for her call.

The next day, a little after 9am, I received another call to say I met the criteria for the Blue Badge, paid my £10 and was told to expect the Badge in around 7 days.

All in all, not an horrific experience but don't expect warm conversation - these people are polite - if a little detached and it would be easy to find their approach intimidating. Mine ignored a comment I made until I asked, "Excuse me, did you realise I was speaking to you?"


Hi mikeadi

I'm glad your experience wasn't too traumatic for your.

Congratulations on getting your blue badge wish you didn't need it

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Same here with the muscle cramps and pain. Just stay calm and use words like severe fatigue and pain as they seem to understand those words. Hope it goes ok. Stay well x


Also if you have trouble getting in and out of the car describe about that.


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