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Assessment to prove im dissabled to have blue badge - complete utter joke!

Can you believe it, i live in birmingham UK, I applied for the blue badge scheme and added everything about my lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and still they want me to attend a mobility assessment course - really frustrates me because here i am with a deabilitating illness and some able bodies person wants to assess to see if im telling them the truth - so i sent them an email with photos of my joints and links and consultants and a promise that i miay even get in touch with the BBC and see if a press gang could attend the assessment with me just to prove how this system is failing the disabled people in this country.

I cant even be bothered with it all now - just thought it would be good as in this hot weather my joints are really suffering - and ive got to prove to some people that i am dissabled and make sure that im 15mins early coz should i be late then they wont see me (birmingham blue badge) !

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Oh how frustrating for you. Are you in receipt of DLA or PIP? If you aren't you will be required to attend the mobility assessment under the new rules. It isn't that they don't believe you. Just go along to the assessment and I am sure you will be just fine. It isn't really a good idea to get confrontational with them, they are only following the rules. Unless, of course, you ARE in receipt of the higher rate of DLA mobility or PIP mobility! In which case you should appeal and send in further copies of your evidence.

I wish you luck with this. A blue badge would certainly help you if you can get it. They have tightened the rules.

Let us know how you get on.



My sister has severe eds and others and her arm dislocated and wouldn't return to it's socket pushing herself in her wheelchair which then broke and her friend carried her in his arms through the door sobbing with an arm hanging out - they still did the full assessment. The Gov has given assessors absolutely no discretion.


when I attended for assessment I was in for 20 minutes with a lovely lady who actually prompted me to improve some of my answers.


The assessments are not always doom and gloom. Personally I prefer it as I feel it's an opportunity to articulate how you are affected face to face as oppose to written word. Just compose yourself and as previously mentioned try not to get confrontational.

You should be fine when they put a face to the evidence.


It makes me so mad I live in Shropshire I was turned down for a blue badge because I said no to all benefits. I went mad so they sent me to see an assessor I have COPD stage 4 and the lung capacity of a 87 year old I have budging discs in my spine and a tear in my hip which causes a great deal of pain when I walk.

After seeing this lady I had a blue badge on my door within two days but when it is time to renew it I will have to go through the same.

I know people who use the partners blue badge and car for all sorts and nothing to do with the blue badge holder, good luck


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