Applying for a blue badge

As anyone applied for blue badge ? I have SLE , lupus nephritis & Hughes syndrome ... I live up lane & am unable to park outside my house times I can be very unsteady on my feet resulting in me falling down my lane a number of times but last year I fell really bad resulting in a stay in hospital & 22 stitches in my leg amongst over injuries ! It took 4 months to heal !! I've been advised by council to apply for badge so I can park outside my home !! Does anyone else have 1 & any advice on applying ?


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6 Replies

  • Yes I have one. I applied to my local council. There are criteria you need to meet which are on the DirectGov website. I have higher rate mobility so got one automatically.

  • Hiya, I agree you should apply for a blue badge, my GP supported me, I rang the local council who posted me the forms and my GP signed as required stating the distance I was able/not able to walk. As dalediva states if you're on higher rate DLA/PIP you will be entitled to one automatically - but this is not exclusive as I was given mine when I was still working and before I applied for benefits. It sounds as though you really need one. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  • Hi

    I have a blue badge and a disabled parking bay outside my home. It makes a great difference. The bay was put in by the highways agency and I applied through my local council for the blue badge. Had to have the blue badge before applying for bay.

    Good luck x

  • Yes I have one also - if I didn't I would never go out!! As with comments below your Dr will help you fill out the forms you also need 2 passport photos - I believe there is a small fee now but it will tell u on the forms - definitely apply they are a godsend x

  • Hi ischky, funny enough my blue badge is due to be renewed this year. Usually it is done with no fuss. This time you have to have full rate motobility for automatic entitlement, which I have. I rang the dept to ask if I have to fill all the forms they sent me. They said yes. Everyone is being treated as a new applicant. You have a one off fee of £10 to pay. If you do not receive high rate MotobilityDLA, then you are assessed by someone who will assess your mobility. Gps can no longer recommend you.

  • Hi, I have a blue badge when you apply answer the questions on your worst days. When I have good days I don't use it but it does help when you get a bad day xx

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