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Rant! Disabled Badge Renewal

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Why are disabled people constantly put under pressure by the government, when they have enough on their plate with their bad health!!!

My PIP Review result won’t be back in time for the renewal date of my blue badge and so the council want me to get a letter from the DWP or my doctor to say that they’re going to be late or the council want me to have OT assessment!!!! I’ve had a disabled badge for 30 years!!! Why do they want me to run around in circles doing this administrative rubbish?!!! I just haven’t got the health, the energy or the support to do all the nonsense but if I don’t, I’ll be putting in peril my parking outside my home!!!! TRULY DISMayed and just feel like crying AGAIN!!! Is there a pressure group I can join? Disabled people have to be treated better than this!!! Thanks everyone for reading. Xxx

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Could you write to your MP?

I often write to mine with problems that he has helped with in the past.So I recommend you give yours a try.

That’s a good idea for some things. I feel for this it’s just another administrative headache. But I could get in touch with the council and say I’m getting my MP involved and see if they react to that.

They can be very effective. When I couldn't get hold of any HCQ during the pandemic I was able to get help from my MP very quickly. I was grateful.


Hi there, I'm sorry you are being put through this Rubbish!!My suggestion would be, to write to your local MP

Also let the council know that is what you are going to do.

Secondly make a complaint to the ceo of the council you are dealing with, highlighting that this is making you ill.

Make sue you let the ceo know that you will be including the local MP with the goings on with your situation

Good luck


Hi please do not get to wound up with all of this I have no real solution for your situation but I’m prepared to give you support. These site’s are so you can have a good rant and get off your chest.

I hope that you feel better having put down on paper.

Give yourself a Pat on your back and smile I unfortunately believe that you’re right the powers that be make our lives so hard and tense impacting on our health I think it’s just me with such a complex medical history. No one can have a clue what is damaging our bodies. Being made to feel like liars over what hurts and how painful our bodies are. Because if you’re not suffering how can you empathise or even prescribe the best medication.

I’m so sorry I think I have just ranted on not really saying anything useful.

You are not alone I’m here if you want to rant again.

Thanks for your very supportive message. It’s very kind of you. It’s nice to know people like us under so much pressure are there for each other. Just writing on here and knowing I’m not alone makes me feel supported.

These are good ideas. It all take more letter writing but I’ll consider writing to the council ceo to campuagainzt this nonsense.

Thanks for your ideas. Letting the ceo know sounds like a good idea. I think even the mention of getting an mp involved could have a positive effect.

I feel for you and know exactly what you mean. On my last application they wanted sight of various papers all seen before and then lost the originals and I was expected to get them all again! By the time I had the badge expired I could not park in their car park and it cost me over£50 for a taxi! When I later wrote and complained that my data protection rights had been breached by the loss, they wrote back and said they had found them! MP a good place to start. Good luck

Thanks for your reply. I’m sorry to hear that you had to pay £50 for a taxi just because of them and their stupid beuracracy and losing your papers. It just goes to show that their over the top system is just persecution of the most in need.

Thanks for your reply. I really feel they system has to change. They’ve created one that doesn’t work and we are suffering under its weight. It’s so kind of people to reply.

I understand your frustration. My husband has a blue badge and I normally deal with its renewal for him. Yes it is a hassle. However, don't blame the people who deal with blue badges. They would not be allowed to issue a blue badge without the proper paper work. Blame delays at DWP and maybe blame covid for causing the delays.

Yes you’re right it’s not the call handlers fault. It’s the government’s fault for making such a nonsensical complex useless system.

The Blue Badge is so helpful but getting , keeping and using it is not . I've had one for approximately 20 years . Some years ago we registered our two cars ( his and mine) at the local hospital for blue badge space . Then my husband changed his car so we renewed the registration for that car and cancelled his old car .

Recently we visited the hospital and used my ( registered ) car displaying my blue badge in the front . We were dismayed to get a fine a couple of weeks later for £80 . When I rang up to query this I was told that I hadn't renewed my parking space when I last changed my 3 year entitlement for the badge . It was explained that sometimes people get a badge for 3 years then their disability improves and they lose the right to a badge , so they have to factor this in .I think I probably knew this somewhere in the recesses of my mind as I have to renew the blue badge every 3 years with the county . I had just forgotten.

However , I do think there are some people who could be given a lifetime badge given their age and disability and unlikelihood that it would ever improve . We were allowed to pay half the fine (£40) if we paid immediately. Which we did .

I’m so sorry to read what you went through! This whole system is absolutely terrible! It really makes so angry. I feel so powerless against this juggernaut that is always against us and relentless. One day I will make my voice heard about how we are persecuted like this.

Thanks ! How about next Minister for Health 😁

You would be perfect!


🤷‍♀️ Might as well. The government don’t know what they’re doing!

Unfortunately, I can't see it improving any time soon . 🙄

To the disabled communities detriment

Hi LilyMistri2. I'm sorry it's been difficult for your blue badge renewal, it shouldn't be like this. I work for a local authority and I would strongly advise to get your local Councillor involved, once they are involved you will be amazed how quickly things are resolved. You can find your local Councillor on their website. Send them an email and copy everyone else in from the council you have liaised with. I can almost guarantee you it will be resolved. Good luck x

Thanks for that excellent insider information. It’s very valuable to know these things.

It’s so frustrating, my husband has copd cognitive impairment and lupus sle and no way can we get a blue badge . Hope you get sorted without too much hassle .

That is terrible!!!! There is something wrong there. Maybe an mp should help you. I can’t believe with two conditions he doesn’t have a badge. My heart goes out to you.

Hi, I contacted my MP after being told I couldn’t renew without the relevant DWP paperwork, I had tried on several occasions to get through to a human in the DWP which was why I went the MP route. However, I decided the next day to try again, between hanging on and my query being answered I was on the phone for an hour (good job it’s a free number). When I did get through the woman was more than helpful and said I’d have a letter in a couple of days. True to her word it arrived within 2 days. By coincidence the same day I had a follow up call from the MP’s office and a call from the head of department at the council, when I informed her that my letter had arrived she advised me to go to our local council contact centre the next day taking my paperwork and payment. When I got there I was seen immediately, all forms completed all I had to do was sign and pay. Definitely worth the phone calls.

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LilyMistri2 in reply to Wrenmuzz

Oh wow. So many calls made. It’s good that it got resolved.

Sorry to hear about your blue badge situation; I'm in the exact same position but with a different outcome from my local council. My PiP renewal is pending with DWP since November 2021. My blue badge expired 11 June 2022. I explained the situation to the council and they were very understanding. They advised me to reapply for the blue badge online and upload the previous pip letter which I did with all other info. I included a note explaining DWP backlog with assessments. Low and behold a week later I received my blue badge expiring June 2025. My PIP claim is still outstanding.

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LilyMistri2 in reply to Glen1

That is great advice!! Thanks for sharing it!! I will definitely do that first. Thank you!!

Thanks so much for your advice!! I did exactly what you said and sent them my existing evidence which shows full PIP and explained there was a backlog and I could send them the result when it comes in and they’re also welcome to call the DWP to check that there’s a delay - and today they said they’re sending my new badge!!!! I’m just sooooo relieved!! Thank you so much for your excellent advice!!! Thank youuuuuu!!

Thank you everyone for your advice! I took Glen1’s advice and low and behold they’re sending my badge!! I’m just so relieved! Now for the PIP review nightmare to come. Thanks again everyone! I’m so glad I shared my situation and had your support. This site is amazing!

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