Facial Erisipelas & cellulitis

Facial Erisipelas & cellulitis

To, sorry firstly for the disgusting photos. Wondered if anyone else out there has repetitive Erisipelas & Cellulitis? Seems to start with external ear infections first which then kicks off this skin infection. It's awful, disgusting, embarrasing, distressing and makes me feels rubbish. Goes through stages of infection, inflammation, serum leaking through the skin, then adverse dryness, cracking and peeling before it heals after a few weeks. I'm under a dermatologist and ENT and we have tried various lotions and potions to prevent it and treat it. I'm now resistant to one of the antibiotics. Help anyone please 😣

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  • Sorry it only posted the one photo which is the end stage of the infection. Not the others with swollen, bright scalded red skin with clear demarcations and leaking fluids through skin. Probably best really lol.

  • This can only be really tough to bear, manda...I hope our forum friend Tiras (aka the barefoot gardener...he lives in the usa) sees this..he has posted several skin photos which I recall seeming somewhat like this...but his skin issues are often bullous (blisters)

    I v much hope others managing this do reply

    Take care

    🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

  • Thank you Barnclown.

  • I was hospitalized for cellulitis, which happened after my edema had stretched my skin so far that the skin quite literally just split under the pressure. I remember saying that it would have been less disgusting had it simply bled - but no, it did exactly what yours is doing - it just seeped fluid. So I get feeling gross about it.

    My wound care doctor had me do basic wound care with it, using powders to keep it dry and wrapped. A gentle sterile wash to use three times a day. I used baby powder when I couldn't access the prescription drugs. The good news is that it did go away. The bad news is that it left me with scars that looked like I had been 15 months pregnant. The scars ARE fading, though, which is hopeful.

    You are totally not alone in this symptom, or in how gross it makes a person feel.

  • You sound like you've had an awful time. I'm managing to avoid hospital each time...just! You've had an awful experience. Pleased things are improving for you finally. As we talk my face is starting to go again, even with all the meds and creams. 😢

  • Hi, I have behcets and I have been hospitalised 3 times in as many months and this looks exactly like the end process of the infections I have had. Firstly affected my face/chest, secondly stomach to thigh and everywhere in between an then legs. I was treated with various antibiotics and anti viral. By skin started of with what looked like small pimples, then goes red and huge blisters develop and then cellulitus. I m hoping this is now the end of this flare!

  • Alex97 so sorry you've had such a horrible time. Anything on your skin going wrong makes you feel so poorly. Skin is our largest organ. Hope you're healing now.

  • Getting there now! Just hoping I don t have anymore set backs. Hope you are well now too

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