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Does you facial rash come and go throughout the day?

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I'm curious if anyone else notice their butterfly rash comes and goes through out the day? Does it appear redder after you get hot or sweaty. Does it sometimes feel dry like sand paper?

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Yes, mine sometimes comes and goes randomly or stays all day. I have no control over it. Sometimes feels like sunburn, often coinciding with a hot flush. Sometimes I'm unaware till I look at myself in the mirror or someone points it out.

Hi Momof15, yes my rash comes and goes. Sometimes I have it all day, sometimes it appears throughout the day and sometimes I don't have it for weeks and weeks! It does see quite random and yes sometimes it can feel quite dry whereas other times it seems to just be discoloured.

I use 'magic minerals' face powder which covers it really well so on a day when it's quite bad at least I know I can cover it up.


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Please can you let me know more about the magic minerals face powder that you use.

Many thanks.

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Hi Toby1960, I order it from amazon. It's called JML mineral magic and its a compact face powder and brush. It only costs £9.99 which is a bonus!!.... I don't like wearing lots of makeup so just use it over my moisturiser and it gives my face a natural covering and makes me feel so much more confident when I have the awful facial rash. I would highly recommend it.


I get the rash, which my my wife points out sometimes. i get it sporadically throughout the day and i am not diagnosed. When I attended my doctors and he said your lupus rash is up again. Ho hum the wacky world of rheumatology.

Hi there, I have noticed mine is worse of a morning and is always more prominent when I don't feel well.

Yes exactpy like that sunlight lightbulbs heat also affect mine was so swollen so long veins burst which caused patches veins to react heat ..exercise.

Sunblock helps reduce thise reactions makes me feel sick when goes red hot.

Hi momof15,

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You've got some great responses so far so I don't want to add too much. Just to say that we've also got a booklet called 'Lupus and the Skin' that might be of some interest to you. You can find it here:


My rash is unpredictable. It comes and goes. I have to use SPF 50 Sun screen all the time. Fluorescent light aggravates it. Caffeine, alcohol and exercise all make me as red as a beetroot!

Hello momof15. I have a permanent malar / butterfly rash. The tip of my chin gets very red too. I think it's a kind of scaring for me. But is can get worse, during a flare, when I'm hot, when I have a drink etc. It can feel like it's burning too. The joys!

Wow! Thanks for all the Great answers!! :) For some reason I assumed the rash was always there and nothing really changed it other than a flare. I'm glade to see that I am not the only one that deals with this issue! I can go shopping at Walmart and start having a hot flash out of no where. I then notice that everyone and I do mean everyone, staring at me. So I decide to go to the bathroom and as I pass the mirror, I do a double take as I see my reflection and about have a heart attack!!! My face will be so unbelievably red, but that will also include my neck and chest. So it's not always just my face!! Wow! It is usually swollen in the morning and if I do spend time outside I'm nearly always sick the next day!! I have a very fair complexion so any redness really stands out on my face. My biggest issues I deal with now are terrible cold sweats that last for hours and then freezing cold chills afterwards. Some days the cold sweats are non-stop day and night. It's incredibly uncomfortable! As your freezing cold but a blanket makes the sweating worse!! Uggggg Anyone deal with that?

Hi momof15, wow just looked at your profile, 15 children, 12 Grandchildren that's a lot to cope with let alone your disease. I don't have the malar/butterfly rash but I do have a rash on one cheek and one starting on the other but mainly red and hot, burning sensation but some good days when I can cover it. I do get days when I am cold all the time but no cold sweats. That sound very distressing is this on a hot days or just in the winter or all year round randomly occurring. please tell me this is not constantly happening. Anyway welcome to our community and we are happy to help, we may all have different aspects of Lupus and beyond but we all feel for each other and understand. I would like to ask on your profile there are some words at the top would you please tell me what it says. Take care Nx

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Hello noonoo52, Yes, I really do have my hands full! Which makes everything so much more difficult! Impossible at times. My disabled mother also lives with me and depends greatly on me as well! I do have the cold sweats on all days hot and cold. It's winter here right now but that does not make any difference. I will do this for days and then suddenly just stop for two days!! It's insane, lol. The words at the top of my profile say...Help others, even when you know they can't help you back. God Bless you!

Hi, I haven't had my diagnosis yet but yes my rash changes throughout the day and can feel very dry and rough. I find Astral cream very soothing :)

How do you know it's not just facial flushing (blushing) or Rosacea? I can't tell the difference. I never seem to have mine when I see the rheumatologist, but the dermatologist told me years ago it was Roseacea, even though I never had the pustules or pimples that are part of Roseacea.

Hi my also comes and go but I'm relaxing myself with the Hot stone massage and I'm drinking a lot of ginger of any fruit

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