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Have I got lupus or am I mad?!

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I started with Migraines - 3 years ago & have since developed dizzy spells (to the point I ohysically tip), palpitations, poor circulation, high blood pressure, night sweats, dislocating hips and crumbling shoulders - at 25 I felt like a total hyperchondriac as my doctor diagnosed me with anxiety. I had 6 blood tests as my white cells were too high & when they went back to normal I was told I had had a bad viral infection. I have now developed a burn like rash on my hands, my skin crumbles & I have had a tiny patch on my chin. It all seems too coincidental, I have never had these issues, I have changed doctors & been referred to a cardiologist & had fasting blood tests this morning. My vein collapsed in the process ( it did this last month in my other arm by a different person) so this worried me too.

I have had a moan & someone said "that sounds like Lucas to me" I had never heard of it and I'm worried if my doctor doesn't know about it how do I go about disgusting it & if it's a possibility this is the cause?

Thanks for reading, at my breaking point with feeling rough all the time :-(

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Sorry to read how ill you are. It's good you've changed GP's and have been referred to a cardiologist who will say whether or not some of your many symptoms are to do with Lupus. The blood tests you've just had, did they include ANA.?. If so and it's positive your GP could refer you to a Rheumatologist so something to ask. The Cardiologist could also refer you to a Rheumy so one way or another you should get some answers and help. Good luck with the appointment. X

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Lupus is sometimes hard to diagnose if you don't show all of the symptoms. Sometimes it has to get really bad before they can diagnose it. Don't give up though, keep asking questions, seeking and searching, until you get some help.

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Hi Xxbeafacexx

Do you know what they were looking for with the blood tests that you had? It sounds like you have been experiencing some symptoms that occur in lupus, but they are not exclusive to lupus, so further testing would need to be done to find the cause.

Would you like me to send you one of our free information packs which includes a booklet on how lupus is diagnosed? It may help you with any discussions with your GP? Just send me a private message or email paul@lupusuk.org.uk with your name and address.

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Hi Xxbeafacexx

Sorry to hear that you have been having so many symptoms and feeling so terrible. The worst thing at the moment for you, is that you have been given no reason for why you are feeling this way. The sad thing is that most of us have been left in limbo waiting for a diagnosis. Most of the symptoms that you are experiencing are not exclusive to lupus and I think another member has already asked if you have had an ANA test. This test is one of the big deciders in diagnosing lupus. You have stated that your hips are crumbling, has your GP sent you to a rheumatologist? No-one would be foolhardy to say yes that's lupus, because lupus is as individual as a snowflake, no two people are the same, some may have similar complaints, but very rarely identical. Most of the members will know how you are feeling and the confusion and frustration that accompanies it but keep on asking for answers from your GP and push for that referral to a Rheumy. God Bless

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Do you spend a lot of time with Wi-Fi? The symptoms of ES can be very similar to those of Lupus. I am ES and I went to a talk on Tuesday evening and I know it is not just me. There was a room full of people and the talk was by a GP who has also suffered and had to rid his surgery of Wi-Fi alarm system. Just a thought, but I get tachycardia when I am on the computer too long and headaches, sometimes nausea and fatigue where I just have to leave the room and go outside. I have an auto-immune problem anyway, due to damage from prescribed drugs, but for those who are sensitive, they can be affected by Smart phones, meters, masts, etc.

I have to have everything wired in the house.

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overnighthearingloss in reply to Cann

Have a read of this


Also you may be interested in reading about biophotons


Interesting theories at least but possibly provide reasoning for why homeopathic medicine works or why people often seem to do well with raw foods


This is the first link

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Cann in reply to overnighthearingloss

Thanks will read it all!

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