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Daughter Facial Rash - Update

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Good morning everyone.

Isla's rash has been better the past couple of days. It has faded quite a bit as you can see.

I'm not sure if this is becusee she hasn't been out in the sun for a few days, or because the antibiotics and Betnovate cream are working?

It's strange because in some lights it looks barely there, but in other lights it's much more obvious. The raised pimples/blebs of the rash have more or less gone. It's as if now it's just under her skin, as if the top layer of skin has healed almost. It seems to have left its mark, as if it's left a sort of 'flush' to her skin tone, but in a blotchy pattern.

Does this all sound characteristic of lupus rash? Or do you think I can remain hopeful it is something else?

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I think there is no way for anyone to tell at this point. Sorry to say but it will just be a wait and see. Wait and see if it goes away and wait and see if she developes more symptoms. I understand totally where you are coming from my daughter had first arthritis flare when she was 3. I knew something wasn't right but no one had answers. Just like all of these diseases it would wax and wane. It took until she was 10 to get a diagnoses. My advice is keep notes of all the symptoms even things that she developes that you may not think are related. If she continues to show signs of something it will help that you have a detailed history. For example at what age and what time of year did this symptom first appear. As time goes on little details get hard to remember and you never know what piece of information may help solve the puzzle. Good luck and try not to worry too much in the meantime. Just let her be a kid

Thank you. I know, you are right, it is a case of wait and see. I shall start and write things down though like you say and keep a little diary before I forget anything. So far there has been a back rash, hair thinning, mouth ulcers and facial rash. Hopefully they are all unconnected x

Thanks so much for this update, daisy...have been thinking of you all re your earlier posts & photos

Aunt tea's great reply fits in totally with the way your thoughts have been evolving during your discussions here

There is little I can add...except to say this new photo is vvv welcome: Isla is so beautiful and the rash does indeed look less angry

Sending you both lots of love

Hoping you'll stay in touch


Hi Barnclown! Yes I think my problem is I want answers now, more to just to reassure me I think. I've not been fretting over it like I was though. Isla has been absolutely fine in herself, so my common sense has started to kick in and tell me there's nothing to worry about. Not immediately anyway x

That's the way I see it too.

You're v self aware, which is bound to help you get through this really tough wait without going bonkers....and you'll do all you can to avoid focusing on worries because you know your brain power & energy are more constructively spent concentrating on observing the character of her reactivity....the way she responds to triggers & meds....this concentrating can help distract you from the frustration of waiting & worrying...your familiarity with details of her case will help her Drs enormously...especially because you'll be able to be v fluent, clear & concise in discussions with her Drs, partly because you've been practicing explaining these details to us here (this practice helps me hugely when I'm talking to my Drs)

Hope that makes sense!


Good to read of the progress. Yes, keeping a diary is the best way. It has helped my doctors to treat me and it is so easy to forget symptoms when they go and if a different one crops up. I don't dwell on the symptoms just write them down like rashes with a description and the date and how long they last, etc.

Let's hope your daughter's rash goes completely and it is not Lupus. X

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