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Wrist seizing

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with Rhupus as my joints were very inflamed and sore for what felt like an eternity. I am taking 25 mg methotrexate injections weekly and hydrochloriquine twice daily. Lately my right wrist would crack when I moved it and now today it seizes in place if I don't move it for awhile. Has anyone had their wrists seize like this? Is this normal RA symptoms or do you know if this is degeneration? Or a symptom of Lupus?

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Hi, I have a similar problem moving my fingers when I wake up. It seems like it takes forever to get them operating correctly, especially if it's cold. I'm newly diagnosed and in the process of being formally diagnosed so I can't offer much wisdom.

I just want to tell you that I have something similar that happens and to let you know it comes and goes for me. The best thing about Lupus is that nothing stays the same.

Maybe some heat on that wrist? Take care!


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Hi Arrlly1,

GP told me finger joints (2nd joint down, not knuckle which is RA), knees & wrist are typical lupus arthritis sites. My left wrist joined-in at last flare & if it follow the same pattern as before, the right should developed at next flare , it is typically a symmetrical disease.

Are you on Adcal ( Vit D & calcium carbonate) as this seems to easy my joint symptoms?

Sarah x


I have suffered from similar pain to that you describe. Initially I was diagnosed and treated (same combination of drugs as you) with seronegative RA. Now my diagnosis has changed to primary Sjogrens. I'm not on any treatments now and am much more symptomatic in the way that you describe. Splints, naproxen with stomach protectors, icing, paraffin wax baths and physio were all helpful - especially the physiotherapy. Twitchy


I can't add much except good wishes, splints, and physio.


Hi there,

I am sorry to hear that you are having this issue. You might find our leaflet on lupus and the joints, which you can download or request on our website, useful

Don’t hesitate your GP to discuss the problems you are having with your wrist and try to find some relief.


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