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Wrist joint injection

Hi I'm due to have a joint injection in my wrist in a couple of days, not had one before only ever had into my hips.

Wanted to know whether I will be able to drive home from the hospital??

I feel like I'm gonna need one in most joints! My elbow, my si joint, hips! I am so stiff at the moment am so fed up of it.

So if anyone has had one is there any recovery etc as I'm at work 2 days later, I'm assuming all will be fine and just carry on as normal.

I'm sure they will give me another general steroid injection as I'm just not getting any better, I'm like a walking steroid!! Want to get off the things but just can't seem to!

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I've had steroid injections in my shoulder on three occasions. First one did nothing as the student doctor put it in the wrong place!! Went for a follow up appointment and the consultant said he would do another one in a slightly different place. Stupidly I thought he meant they would send me another appointment but he started drawing up the steroid into the syringe. I apologised and said I had driven to the hospital as I wasn't expecting to have another jab. He said it wouldn't be a problem and I drove the 20 miles home. Pain relief was instant, mainly because the injection also contained some anaesthetic but I had my usual adverse reaction to steroids for about a week afterwards. That's just me and steroids though.

I think as it's your wrist they might advise not to drive for a few hours. To be on the safe side I would give them a ring and ask.

Hope it goes well


does the steroid injection hurt my doctor is thinking of giving me one


Can we not answer that one til after I've had mine!! Please!!

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Unless u mean just a normal steroid inj into the muscle? Not the joint inj?

The one into the muscle is ok x


my doctor said in my knees and ankles would it hurt??


I have had wrist injections twice. There was no recovery period and I drove home no problem. It was no worse than any other injection. No problem and gave months of relief. Good luck with yours.



I had it done a week ago due to carpel tunnel seemed to help for a couple of days but it's just as bad now but I have apt later this month with a surgeon as I need the surgery it's not too bad getting it done but being use to regular bloods every month it's just another needle hope it works for you.


Wrist injections aren't that bad. I've had several and it may make your hand feel tingly and numb for a little bit but not long. I Had both wrists done at the same time and I was able to drive home. It didn't take long for it to return to normal. I didn't have any problems using it to drive.


So I went to the hospital for a joint injection today but when he asked me about which joints hurt there were too many to inject so I ended up getting away with just a IM steroid injection! Really hope things calm down a bit am fed up of having to go to bed at 7-7.30 with the kids! Just want to get on with things and not feel exhausted x


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