Trouble processing too much information

Can anyone tell me if not being able to cope with processing what feels like too much information being given at one time is down to lupus? I find that even simple things, like my husband asking what I would like for lunch and then reeling off all the options put me in either shut-down or panic mode. I just want him to stop talking or for me to run away! Also cannot cope with things like being given directions to places or selecting a date from several options offered in conversation, although if written down I have no problem. Is this part of 'lupus fog' or am I just going bonkers? Or could it be dementia even? Anyone else out there with a similar problem?

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  • Ha! Thats me to a T! My husband will reel off a list, like yours, then tag on the end, too many options, and will walk away. He will come back after I have tried to make a decision, then gives me two options, then I will choose a third.

    Yet again on this forum I AM NOT ALONE.

    What a fab post Foggybiddy. I go all rabbit in the headlights and freeze.

    The queue for the Lupus home for the perpetually bewildered starts here!

    Oh Foggy I am laughing so hard a bit of wee came out.

    Of all the weird, perculiar, daft, no sense things. It must be related to Lupus. Perhaps it is one aspect of brain fog. Either that or you and I are founder members of the crazy gang.

    I bet you will be buried under all the responses like mine and you described it so clearly in the exact words I use when trying to convey the more strange sides to this whatever it is.

    Best wishes Foggy biddy. What a name!

    You have started my day with a laugh despite no sleep through pain. Thanks



  • Thanks so much for this Footygirl. I'm just relieved to know I'm not alone in this. Glad it made you laugh - now you've made me smile & I can't wait to tell hubby I'm (perhaps) not bonkers ..... yet anyway!!! πŸ˜€ Also will bear in mind founding the crazy gang! Meantime for once, being up half the night with pain has brought a good result. Thanks again Footygirl!

  • Oh yes, that's me! When my daughter goes rabbit rabbit rabbit I answer mhm. She then says you didn't get it did you. Nooo!

    But whenever I talk to myself, I understand perfectly πŸ˜‰

  • Hi, I am the same. Sometimes I can look at my husband as he is talking and I haven't a clue what he is on about. I am not deaf, just not with the real world!

  • Hi I get like that ! I even get my words get mixed up it turned out I had a huge vit d deficiency, and I had malnutrition issues my body won't absorb any nutrition πŸ™ƒπŸ˜©

    Might be worth checking out start with vit d test as it was as if I was getting dementia issues things were that bad , I had been complaining about memorie issues and getting mixed up to him , and he told me we didn't won't to start going through those test as I had so much going on as it was ! I asked about vit d test and of course that then opened another can of worms literally gastroligist here we went !


    Chris X

  • Thanks Shadows Walker. As it happens I'm having vitamin & nutrition tests now. Hope that's what it is as really feel I'm on the dementia road otherwise - very worrying thought. I have memory issues too, and also get words in the wrong order sometimes. Will post again when I get results in about 3 weeks. Good luck with your latest can of worms .....

  • Thanks ! There's always something isn't there ! πŸ˜…

  • Thanks for sharing, really helps... when I was not well or it might be referred to as being in a fog, I could barely finish a sentence without a long pause to find the words (and sometimes the words never come). The killer is I am studying for a qualification (as part of my job) and it is really hard to find the words I need to explain my work - they just disappear, especially in front of others (instructors, oh so bad). I did not want to attribute this to 'age' or as the doctors wanted to - hormones. As when I am not foggy, that I can think clearer and I can finish a sentence.

    How do we begin to get anyone else to understand, I working first to get the family to... Multitasking seems to be part of this as well, so trying one task at a time...So as a friend says to me we must be kinder to ourselves when we have these health challenges. So monitoring this to see if there is a correlation with to much sun (for me) and losing the ability to talk, see how I get through this year, early days.

    Good luck with finding the words, no you are not alone.

  • Thanks maggielee. I wish you well with your studies. I find multi-tasking difficult too and can't attempt to answer a question until I've stopped doing whatever it is I'm doing! Makes me feel flustered and stressed.

    Good luck

  • Pahaha! Footygirl. I love the phrase 'perpetually bewildered'. I could've used that as my username!

    As for processing information, oh yes! I'm naturally indecisive anyway but most days my memory is pants, as is my concentration and I know I can only deal with so much before I burn out and cry and feel overwhelmed. I'm studying for a psychology degree too and I've gotten behind with that at times because the words on the page seem to swim about and none of it makes sense and I can't hold it in my memory long enough to make sense of it.

    It's an unpleasant aspect to live with but it's about pacing I think and knowing what your limits are and finding ways around it. I can longer stand busy places so I shop online a lot etc.

    You are most definitely not alone.

    Friars xx

  • It just sounds like you need some time out for yourself. I get like that and we take time away from each other. Remember we are affected by the energies of others even loved ones and with our problems we are very sensitive people. You are not going mad. Take some time to meditate and walk in nature - smell the roses as they say. X

  • Not just me then foggybiddy . I choose to believe it,s Lupus brain fog. I already scare myself with all the symptoms, it,s a minefield but I do experience all of what you,'ve described. Keep on trucking. πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

  • not just me then too my partner says I am not in lol

  • Hi Foggybiddy, that sounds like some of the experiences of brain fog that I have heard of. If you haven't seen it already, you might be interested in reading a blog article we did about brain fog earlier this year -

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