Jaw update

Went to the doctors today about me jaw . She wants me to start taking my methojects again , as that may solve the problem . It could just be arthritis in jaw . Then she wants me to get a blood test before I go hospital in October to see if the injection doing any work . Also she gave me folic acid in syrup form . As when previously using the injections I weren't taking the folic acid as the tablet was making feel sick . Also she has told me to try and start taking the vitamin D sachets.

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  • Poor you!! Is it still very sore?

  • It still hurts when yawning and even the doctor said its not opening wide

  • I have same prob think it is related to sjogrens as glands swell alot- dentist also thinks i clench my jaw!! I find that heat gives a bit of relief and if i massage jaw it also helps. I hope its a flare that will settles down quickly🌸

  • I've had it for a couple of months now - just thought it would go away . Next Friday I'm going to start injections again for methotrexate - if I don't sike myself out by then

  • If it helps it will be worth, doc wouldnt suggest it if he didnt think it was necessary xx

  • LouLamb, you poor thing. Sounds painful. Your GP sounds good and I think it's time to give the injections another go. I have a relative - aged 13, with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and she has been on methotrexate injections for about 2 years - she takes the folic acid and this has reduced the sickness and nausea etc. I really hope that they work for you this time. Keep us posted on your progress. What pain relief are you using for the jaw pain? Did your GP give you any tips for that?

  • No pain relief . She said just start taking injections again. She wants me to be seen by hospital before my 3rd October appointment

  • Let's hope she can get you an earlier appointment and that the injections help you with these horrible lupus symptoms. Best wishes.

  • Thanks . I hope so . It's just so painful sometimes . I dread yawning . I don't really wanna do the injections but I'm going to try them again starting next Friday . Just in the hope that it will work . If not my gp said when they see me at the hospital they will probably send me to like a jaw expert - not sure what they called .

    She said that oral dental hygiene is an important part . I might have to take a trip to dreaded dentist

  • I've had 3 children and still dread 1) the dentist and 2) having bloods done. 😱 So can totally get the dentist and injection thing. Good luck.

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