Jaw problems

I do not know exactly how to describe it. Quite a few time when i eat my jaw starts to feel like its tightening. Now some times when i walking my jaw starts to really hurt. e.g. if i was walking and bit my tongue by accident my jaw feels very wired. I think it gets worse when i have an illness. As currently my throat has been hurting last few days and my head.

I have this all the time the problems with my jaw and i am not ill 24/7 with cold.

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  • Maybe worth checking jaw prob with your dentist just incase you are clenching your teeth as can case jaw pain😀

  • I have problems like yours and was told I have Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction. My jaw also clicks, loudly, if I open my mouth really wide. Can't open my mouth wide at the moment though as the corners of my mouth have cracked again. May be worth talking to your GP or rheumatologist. I was referred to oral medicine and diagnosed there.

  • I can't open my mouth wide to yawn - yawning hurts a lot . Also if I were to eat a mini roll , my mouth doesn't open wide enough I have to break it into pieces

  • Hi loulamb

    As others have also said you could have TMJ which is inflammation of the jaw joint. Will be helped by lupus treatment and or going to your dentist as you could be exacerbating it by clenching your teeth unknowingly. It's tricky but will improve with the right treatment. X

  • I'm doing to the doctors this morning - I'm gonna tell them . To see if they know first - not a real big fan on dentist

  • Hi loulamb

    Hope you got on well at the doctor's. X

  • Me to ....I have had a good wisdom tooth out (not that) hospital dentist X-rays nothing ,scan that I paid for £800 , plus throat consultant £300 made to feel it was all in my head, so not so , I didn't know I had Lupus until 2 months ago and yes one of the symptoms of connective tissue thingi

    Hoping meds help fingers crossed for you

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