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jaw pain and blocked ear?

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Do any of you fellow lupus, sjogrens etc sufferers ever have pains in jaw joints and a feeling of ear being blocked, i know i have tmj ,but have found out that sjogrens sufferers can also suffer from ear problems as well ,at the moment my ear is driving me mad with itching ,pain and feeling blocked ,also my jaw joint and face muscles are tight and painful.

11 Replies
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I have awful jaw pain, but my dentist tells me that this is due to my grinding teeth, bruxism. I have recently had a mouth guard made for wearing at night, only had it a couple of weeks, as yet to noticeable effect, but it will stop me wearing away my bottom teeth at least.

I have also had jaw xrays, no abnormality found. I don't have the ear symptoms you describe, but do have tinnitus.

Don't suffer in silence, if it is bothering you to the degree you say, worth getting in to see your GP I would say.

Good luck.

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You may have a fungal infection if your ear is itchy. If it feels more blocked than irritated then it could be eustation tube dysfunction , either way your Gp should be able to give advice and treatment. Good luck.

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Hi there I have the exact same symptoms!!!! I had surgery at Xmas to remove a bit of tooth root from my sinus all was fine then a few weeks later started to get aching and sore jaw then for the last few weeks have constant dry mouth sore lips and tongue feels like its on fire! An X-ray from my dentist shows that the op site is not healing which I put down to the autoimmune but coupled with dry eyes and tinnitus it is making me feel extremely low. My ear itches then feels like it swells up inside followed by earache. My GP has prescribed a saliva spray and we have discussed the high possibility that I now have sjorgens syndrome......feel like I am just falling apart! I am due to have a ct scan in a couple of weeks before going back to the maxilla consultant so will have to see what the results are. Have you been referred to a specialist? I really feel for you!! Take care x

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rockchic in reply to dawsden

thanks for reply, i feel for you too! cause i know how bad you must feel, i ve seen loads of specialists 5 ent , 2 maxillo face, neurologist, i have been diagnosed from everything from shingles in the ear to eustasian tube dysfunction, even had a gromet fitted to see if that would help , worst thing i ever did ! made my symptoms 100% worse! i now know i have tmj caused by years of stress and my connective tissue disease, i also have arthritis in my jaw joint , my specialist thinks my sjogrens causes a lot of my symptoms too where does the list end !? some days i feel like i just car nt carry on , especially with having lupus as well , but i think us connective tissue sufferers must have an inner strength to make us keep going, hope you get some answers soon lots of love x

hi rockchick

i too have horrible blocked ear only one though which is strange,it can sometimes hurt but mainly it just bugs me.

i too have suffered jaw pain which i thought was the cause of blocked ears as i know that tmj can also effect the ears. my dentist had a mouth guard made for me to wear at night but i found it so uncomfortable and it actually made it feel worse, so i had to stop using it.

me personally thinks its to do with sojgrens as the glands are behind the ears in jaw area, but alas its another mystery that no doctor wants to investigate so once again its another symptom i have to learn to live with,along with my mysterious monthly eye swelling,inflammed sinus blood vessels and facial muscle aches/pains which leads to pressure behind the eyes.(groan).

its all a mystery.

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thanks for reply, its horrible the list of symptoms that we have to put up with , i have eye problems too, swelling of eye and pain and pressure behind the eye on the same side i have my ear and jaw problems, so i know its connected,docs seem to thinks its connected to sjogrens but dont know how to help, i have arthritis in jaw joint too ,so that just adds to the pain lol !

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i get this all the time,i have sjogrens ,and like somone else said .......docs dismiss this.hope you feel better soon

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I've had this last year also had swelling just under ear lobe was still with old gp who diagnosed as shingles ( but I knew it wasn't).I've had it again this week but it only lasted a day.last time I thought it was mumps lol x

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i suffer with jaw problem, and kind of like tooth pain, but my dentist cant find anything wrong.

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Hi Rockchic, I have SLE, Sjogrens, Raynauds, 'fibro'.... I too get 'blocked' ears and awful jaw pain from time to time. Also have tinnitus - not to mention often being dizzy. Pain is usually one-sided but sometimes bilateral. Afterwards I get nerve pain on the skin. l also get 'tooth-ache' for no apparent reason - and the eye pressure problem. It feels as if eyes are about to 'pop.' Any symptoms get worse on lupusy days and can get really bad when in a flare. I have always just put it down to 'living with lupus.'

Keeping warm, eating healthier (organic), drinking more water (filtered!), acupuncture, homoeopathic and chiropractic treatments, resting when needed, etc has been a great help to me - and in the last year problems have lessened. Hope you find something that suits you. Good luck! xxx :)

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Hi there, I've been having ear popping for the past 6 month and it's been so annoying not knowing what could be causing the ear pressure, I first started with neck pain then anxiety then my ears felt like they were on fire and itchy then the ear popping started. I have done many testing and I tested possitive for Lupus, and also went to a chiropractor and had xrays and Doctor says I have neck injury so I started getting therapy and they also gave a dakota to take home to straigtned my neck. The ear popping had simmer down alot but still there.

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