Teeth and Jaw

Have really started to hate my teeth lately . My teeth are somewhat straight . I've noticed over the last year that enamel in some of my teeth are going . I also get a build of white plaque on my teeth , even though I brush them .

I wondering if the problems with my teeth and jaw could have been to do with medication I had to previously take . I don't remember having any problems before medication .

My jaw hurts a lot of the time . I find it difficult to eat as I can't open my mouth wide enough . Sometimes every few months I will eat something and my one side of my jaw goes numb. I don't know if this could be a sign of a flare up and it doesn't happen constantly only every so often .

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  • Hi Lou, I think you should get a check up with the dentist, and be sure the dentist knows what meds you are on . If you get a dry mouth due to meds or your condition it will effect your teeth. Make sure to mention the jaw pain so it can get checked out s well . Good luck x

  • Hi loulamb

    Sorry to read you have teeth and jaw problems. It sounds like TMJ for your jaw pain and can't open wide enough. I've had this for years, it's a tiny joint in your jaw so will respond to anti- inflammatory medication we take for lupus. For some of us if it starts to play up then can be first sign of a flare so will vary!. As to enamel erosion, are you using an abrasive toothpaste?. Not sure what this could be. Hope I've helped and you enjoy your weekend . X

  • I just use Colgate toothpaste . Gonna try get appointment for Feb half term

  • Good idea loulamb, good luck and let us know how you get on. X

  • Hi Lou , that's good! Check with the dentist if you are producing enough saliva and if you are clenching your teeth as this can also cause jaw pain . The dentist may also suggest a different toothpaste to help your enamel.

  • Hi Lou

    I am new to the forum, but just had a positive ANA result awaiting ANA-sdNA results.

    I have recently been to my dentist due to Jaw and gum pain, he advised I had a missalined Jaw which clicks. He advised to eat soft food. Also discussed my teeth grinding which I do when tired, worried and sleeping. He advised on a protective gum shield, I have only had it just over a week and feel it is working. It is only for sleeping, wish it was for all day. Hope this helps.


  • I often notice my jaw clicks . I have also thought that my jaw looks misaligned but you thought it was myself going crazy . Will defo have to get it checked

  • You've had great advice LouLamb. Off to the dentist for you.

    One of the cheaper branded Hydroxy turned my teeth yellow, before my GP agreed to write Plaquenil only on my prescription and now of course it says Zentiva Brand Only. But I guess that means that some drugs can change the colour of your teeth. But I was always have a little plaque build up on my teeth at my 6 monthly check. My dentist takes it off and polishes a little where needed. I'd be more worried about your jaw. But make sure you tell him about your diagnosis and medications. x

  • Agreed, I was on medication and mouthwash which both stained my teeth but the enamel was so worn they're now stained permanently. I haven't been to a dentist in ages (they always seemed to make things worse, but that was before I was on this type of medication). I agree, the jaw pain is definitely an issue, and I second this advice.