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Does anybody else have problems with their jaw locking ? It can lockup for days then ease and just ache.. This has been coming and going for a few months now. I also get terrible ear ache on the same side has the jaw left hand side. My rhummi asked if i gritted my teeth while asleep, and has far has im aware i dont. I do wake alot with my jaw and hands fiercely clenched. She wanted me to have a night brace fitted.. didnt want to have this..

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  • Yes I have been experience this!

    It makes eating a b###h because I can only open my mouth wide enouth and when i forget and yawn its agony!

    I honestly thought it was kinda in my head

  • lol, i forget sometimes and does hurt like hell... its def not in your head

  • Ik getting a night sheild its called TMJ clenching and grinding teeth

  • thank you bluebell :) my rummi didnt know what to do. looks like another put up and shut up pardon the pun lol

  • I was also diagnosed as having TMJ and my dentist had the night brace made for me. Since then it has eased a bit. I used to have earache and jaw pain and thought it was in my heard. After going to an ENT specialist that's when I was told along with hearing loss. My Rheumy asked about grinding teeth of which I said I don't but realised later that I might be as I woke up one day with a bit tongue.! It is really hard to understand but for me it's hit better. Hope you find a solution. Take care x

  • yes have had it for a number of years its usually ware and tare that's what you get told the cartilage will be disappearing from the joint g

  • Hi, no defo not alone my lupus started in my jaw last year, I couldn't open my mouth wide enough..to eat..so don't wori sometimes I have pain linking to my ear..aswel

    .t.c suki

  • thank you everybody. I really dont want a guard but pleased it is part of the lupus and not something else. :)

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