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The funny side of lupus #19

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Is when after being on your own for 20 plus years, due to ex husband forgetting what the vows of marriage, after 10 years, 'in sickness and health' actually meant.........

You decide to find someone else to share your life with, who will love, cherish, enjoy, be a partner in all you do, support each other in lifes ups and downs  you know, all the things that a marriage entails and grow old together appriciating each others quirks, good and bad points and entering the twilight years with the proud knowledge you have achieved to set out what you planned......

Then you remember......... you have lupus.......and who in there right mind would take that on knowing what we all go through, every minute of every day.....

So........Everyone.......meant the new man in my life.......


Welcome to my new man DEADPOOL......

(For those of you not geeks like me, he is considered the females of a certain age, crush of a super hero..... lol)

and no, I have not overdosed on my oxycodine, just decided that the complications of having a real man in my life after this long is just tooooooooo stressful. Lol

May the universe give those of you with loving, wonderful partners, the strength to carry through each others ups and downs... if you come this far, your doing fantastic and I am very jealous....

Much love, Mandy. Xx

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Hi mine forgot his vows after 23 years ! I tried a new model last year after 10 years on my own and he was fine with my condition ,( retired police officer )  but failed to tell me he was a chronic alcoholic! And a sly one with it , it was fine till I noticed and that was when he came to stay and his milk which he drank a lot of was half vodka ! So after a very messy break up after 9 months I am back on my own again and 12 months on from that disappointed, it's been a bit tough as before " D" I was very contented on my own now I am not so ! But I think it's how it has to be because what. Can I offer a man now ! 

I  realise that to have a partner with this condition for a man to cope he has to have been with you a long time and truly love you ! And that is something I have never experienced! Which in itself makes me sad ! Of what I have missed out on ,my children are wonderful 2 daughters and 1 son but it's not fair on them and the guilty I feel as a parent is not good , I wanted them to fly and they are all gravitating back home ! 

Hope this isn't to miserable a post ! 

Hugs to all 


Hi chris, of course its not a miserable post, its an honest post and thats why I put my #'s up there for all to see and share...

If it helps, I am happy to post pic of my James bond and cyborg, that way we can all have blow up pics in different and smile each and every day....

Much love

Mandy. Xx

Brilliant I think if I posted my little dalliance last parting shot to me ! About my condition you would find a gun and shoot him ! Although he did apologise when he sobered up two weeks later ! 

It all caused me a lot of pain ! I new there would be issues with my condition but the more stress he caused the worse I got and by the end I had double incontinous issues which I hadn't had before 🙁😳 I am pleased to say that has subsided but I still have not got in myself what I lost ! 

But I wouldn't mind young indie Anna jones when Harrison ford made the first one ! 


Chris xx

We need a 'hug' click..


Hugs, kisses, hands of help and of coyrse the hugging from deadpool and my cyborg... i hope this helps and u r ok.

Much love, Mandy. 👋👋💛

We do and a gentle hug one too! 😊

 Lol, you r more than welcome but only till june as I will be bored with him by then and he is being raffled to the highest bidder at Geekfest 2.0, to fund my trip to the New York Lupus clinic and comic........where I trade my comics and toys.......... but I do have James Bond under me every well..... lol

I also have a Cyborg, but he is a little metallic for my

Omg, welcome to my world..... my bedroom has currently, Deadpol as posted, the wonderful Daniel Craig as James Bond, who is being a frame mounted as I typ  and a cyborg from Dr Who.... dont ask... lol, will post pics tomorrow.....

Next on my list, Batman, closely followed by my secret Tom Jones crush...

Although I think my 15 inch, walking talking K9 might have something to say about that... lol

My future son in law works at the cinema, standees are part of the perks....

Keep going Mandy! You're a tonic 🍸😝👍🏼!

Hi to you all

Love reading your posts. My husband also forgot his vows and I eventually was with someone new for 10 years and then both my children died very close together and what with the shock and grief and trying to cope with Lupus he left a message one day and said I was dragging him down and making him depressed!  Poor thing 

Now like you I have decided to live with my posters, my good friends and try to remember the happy times in my life and not grieve as well for the things I can no longer have and the person I no longer am. Dead pool sounds perfect shame you can't share him with everyone

Hugs to every one



I am a male from Alabama in the southern U.S. I will have to admit, I have a wonderful wife. In September will will be married 35 years. About 2 years ago I was  diagnosed with lupus. One thing led to another. I have had high blood pressure for 10 + years. I am not over weight (5 feet 10 inches and I weigh 165 pounds. Then  was told I had COPD  and malignant hypertension, they can find no reason for high blood pressure. my wife Laura has stuck with me through thick and thin beside me all the way. We go get pedicures together. I can't wear shoes most of the time due to rashes/blisters on feet. She says that I have to go barefoot my feet should be neat and kept up. After that we may be in the lake in the boat fishing. 

I thank God for my wife!


You are a very lucky man and may I wish you and your wonderful wife many more happy years together.

May your troubles be less and your blessings be more with nothing but happiness going through your door.

Best wishes


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