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The funny side of Lupus #26

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Is when, during the usual insomnia that accompanies lupus, you end up watching a documentary on what happened before the 'big bang''........

Yes, it actually meant engaging ones brain cell.. lol

However, after about 30 mins of listening to all this enormous brain power talk about string therory, chaos therory, mutilple universe theroy (I could go on!) I found myself wondering....

How many of the worlds problems/diseases etc could these people solve, if they all got together and tackled the big, daily problems we all face....

They could even be part of a team that cures Lupus.......

I am all for expanding our knowledge, but I was left with the question........why the world needs all that money spent on a lot of 'what ifs' rather than 'what can'

I turned over and listened to classsic fm instead.......😕

Nievity is a blessing sometimes.

Universal hugs and love to all.

Mandy. X

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So true. I was amazed at how much was not known about PMR and how dodgy the diagnosis can be for an illness that some papers have as 'common'. It made me think of the hundreds or thousands of things that go on in the body and how each little individual one seems to have either very, or only a limited, degree of research, funding or effort expended on it. If we could have a central core of the best of science and medicine pool together and state 'right, this years effort is to knock xyz off the list....' it would be great. I do suspect it may be harder than simply saying it....

Totally agree I am all for exploration but we have millions of starving children on this planet , and instead of trying to put all our great brains into stoping famine and drought on this planet , and sunarmies ( can't spell even confusing the spell check) and of course cancers and lupus etc why can't we sort out at home first ?

Gentle hugs from a poorly and fed up !

Chris xxx

Ps think you for making me smile 😘

Oh Chris, I am sorry you are feeling poorly and fed up, I have just posted a pic of me.... yes me, the first time ever, I hope it makes you smile and helps you.... as its me and my geekness and sillyness. Lol.

Love as always.

Mandy x

Going to look now xx

Yes, I wondered much the same when the Rosetta space probe landed its landed on a comet! (I have a scientist friend who is enthralled by 'Rosetta's adventures'.) It's mind-boggling and all that but I asked myself the question 'what if this genius and ingenuity was focussed on various chronic illnesses and some of the world's big issues?' Just think what we might achieve!

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