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The funny side of lupus #21

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My personal darkness comes and goes with such speed and ferocity that I wonder how I stay strong trying to keep my mind balaced and logical.

So when our stray cat, Ginge, decides that my need is greater than his, the world and my pain is placed firmly back into place and I know that tomorrow will be better.....and this is where he stayed for most of the day, on my lap, on my snuggle blanket and with ghost hunters on the telly - thats how to deal with a bad day... lol

Because who can resist a face like this without smiling and beliving that the world around and within you is not all bad.....

Universal hugs 


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Am especially LOVING this post...all your posts are special & wonderful, Mandy....thanks so much 🌟🌟🌟🌟👏👏👏👏 🍀🍀🍀🍀🌷🌷🌷🌷

Thank you so much, it means a huge amount that I am actually good/useful at something. This made me cry. X

oh my gosh: have no doubts about that!


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PMRpro in reply to amandalilley

I don't read all the lupus forum posts, just scan them for things I can say something useful about.

I NEVER just scan one of your funny/dark side posts - I always read them. They really should be collected and published and sold to raise funds for LupusUK.

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amandalilley in reply to PMRpro

Thats so kind of you. Thank you. My daughter is looking into this for me as she has a first in digital media, broadcasting and social media............ (proud mum... lol)

I have saved everything, so mayb, when my confidence is a little better....

Thank you again for the wonderful support, it really is appriciated.

Have a wonderful evening.

Hugs, Mandy x

Such a lovely puss, made me happy just seeng his photo! Xx

I love your puss ! I had 3 feral ginger puss cats over the years lost the last one 12 months ago at the age of 16 , so now on dark days I curl up with shadow my black retriever cross beagle or Murphy the bossy beagle who smells of popcorn when he snuggles 😉 It's amazing how animals know when you need love and comfort or you need to laugh and you get a chewed up tennis ball or a tailless fox or mangled squirrel dropped in your lap ! And a tilted head and big brown eyes saying come on mum we need you you know ! The beauty of a beagle is they vocalise there thoughts it's amazing the noises that a beagle can produce you would swear they can articulate in English! I am cuddled up with Murphy at the moment and he's my walking hot water bottle 😊😀 and I can never refuse either of them shadow nuzzles my hand in the middle of the night , if the dreams I have are making me sad and I cry out ! Or the pain makes me cry he's there knocking my hand or even licking my nose 😉 My boys are my family and in my dark days they bring me light in my tunnel ! 

Thank you for the post it's lovely 

Gentle hugs 

Chris X 

Would love to see some scooby is missed still after 1 year and I am unable to provide properly anymore, so I sponser Dog Trust and visit local NT properties to get my doggie fixes.... lol

Ginge is great, I am blessed that the universe granted me an animal that needed me as much as I need him, but he is not a dog...

I did today however, visit a local establishment where fish and reptiles need good homes........and yes, I am sorely tempted.....a bearded dragon looks, sounds and feels amazing, the young lady let me hold one.....

Enjoy your wonderful animals and will post any pic of Ginge that I hope will make people smile.

Thank you for reading and responding to my posts, it gives me a wonderful way to communicate when my brain and mouth do not connect.....which theses days seems to be most days....but getting to grips with emocons is a challenge..... lol

Have a fantastic evening. X

I have support to help me with my boys , community support have helped with dog walking , for the past 2 years , I have tried to walk them with a mobility scooter, and having a beagle on a lunging lead attached to a mobility scooter is a hoot , and I make others laugh which is my mission in life 😊 Both my boys are rescue dogs I litteraly was given shadow off the high street 3 years ago 6 months after my wonderful Archer died a beautiful 6 1/2 stone black lab who was a chocolate box lab , a true gent ! Who should of passed at the age of 6 but went again at 16. He had OCD which I can't spell but it means his joints broke away at 4 months old as he was so big , but I had the joints taken away and he walked on cartilage, and the vet said 6 years was an average life span ! Because it was all 4 legs ! I treated him gentle weighed all his food for all his life and I loved him ! Murphy was rescued by my son two weeks after I took on shadow , I was told you can't tell me what to do mother 24 , he took Murphy on and paid £200. For him and he had a lot of problems with things like colitis and abandonment issues ! So two months later it was mum " do you know anyone who could look after Murphy for me as I am going to get evicted " I said No ! Anyway to cut a long story short , I have him and I have managed to sort out the colitis but he hates being left , but Evan will not be having back I have calmed him as an unofficial 50 th birthday present as my son never bought me anything ! 😊 

Emojis are easy if you have an iPad they are just there ! I couldn't cope with a computer! It would be to much for me ! 

Thank you for your posts I have been a member of HU for two years but mainy post on the fibro site ! But in the last couple of months I have come across post on the Sunday email and came across you and a couple of others on the lupus site that I now follow ! As you write posts that I identify with ! So thank you ! For giving me the confidence to speak to you ! 

I will post a picture of my boys tomorrow if I remember 😬 Or you may have to give me a nudge , 

Nite nite 

Chris xx 

Hi Amanda

Love your post and pic of Ginge. He's gorgeous and so glad he helps you thru the dark days. They know when they're needed. X

I did a double take when I saw the photo of your darling cat, who indeed felt your need and responded.  He looks exactly as Smooch my son and his family's cat.

Barbara x

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