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The funny side of lupus #28

The funny side of lupus #28

Is when after a 2nd night of very strange shinnanagans throughout my body and terrifying paralysus, racing heart and pins abd needles in every non moving orufice of one's body...........

I decided a day of rest was in

This us ne forced rest is not much loved..... s I made this for a cirnish family wedding this weekend....

Still some life in me, even when knackered..........

Love, hugs and peaceful, non paralysing nights for all.

Mandy. Xx

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My apologies all for spelling and grammer, I have just read what I had written.

Craft side of me working, obviously brain is 😃😁😆


Hi Mandy have you tried gabapentin? I must admit I am still wide awake watching news night haven't even attempted to get up the wooden hills , but I find now that my pain is at the moment under control , if I don't push it , I love your pin by the way 😊 Perhaps I should attempt the wooden hills while waiting on your response , the dogs put themselves to bed but then shadow has just joined me back down stairs while I expect Murphy is actually in my bed 🤔😳

Hugs and stuff

Chris xxx

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Hi Chris, have bungalow, so no wooden stairs for me, thank the universe for that one...

Yes, gabapentin, one of the many, had awful halluctinations, green men, naked shopping......yes both together.

Unfortunately allergic to nearly all on offer, hence careplan of what works for me after many many trail and error....but thank you. X

Thank you for the compliment on my pin, much appriciated. Havd an amazing day in whatever you do. 😃

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Mandy I hope your batteries are recharging with this rest day and that the terrifying paralysis episodes 🌾🌾🌾🌾 away.

A tartan pin? Stunning colours!

Keep going 💃🏼💃🏼




Thank you, yes, cornish tartan with flag colours snd celtic knot.

Thinking of adding them to my geek stuff but including superhero pins and colour's.

Anything to keep my mind active and hands from seizing.

Have a grest day, smile, laugh and the day will be good. Xx



My 🎹 Is my 'go to' relax and exercise !

We all need something.



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I love the Cornish pin - it's a great idea. You get as restful a day as possible, and have produced some unique. I knit, and that's how I view my stuck in the house days. Some of my freeform knitting on days when my brains are scrambled is very psychadelic.

I'm glad you've picked up from the other day.



It is so satisfying to make something with your hands, something pretty, especially if it's to give to someone you love!

It's some of the best therapy for what ails us!




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