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The funny side of lupus #22

The funny side of lupus #22

A quote from the amazing comidian sarah millican........

My husband divorced me after 9 years of marriage, he wasn't a bad person, he just stopped loving me, its sad and I really didnt really understand why............because I am awsome..........😅😄😂

What a wonderful way to have belief in

Thank you Sarah Millican for making me laugh aloud tonight - it was really needed.

Ps.... pic to make you smile and say ahhhhh, my best friends new babies.....

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Hi Mandy, yes she is brilliant, would go and see her if she comes to my home town, can't travel very far. Someone making you laugh is a tonic and some of your # do me and also makes me sad sometimes and have me crying, I will always remember the first one I read. I wonder if you should put them on Pinterest, I have been looking at Lupie things and it would benefit from your # for all to see.

Love the puppies are they Springers, I have a liver and White one. Did you see the programme on channel 5 "The secret life of puppies" the second episode is on Thursday 5th May 9pm, wish they had made more, love this stuff. Brilliant programme.

Keep up the good work Mandy.

Take care noonoox


Hi, please use wherever you feel they will help, they are open to all, I have no fear of my feelings any more and it has been so helpful to be able to write without judgement.

When i try and explain my good and bad to drs/consultants etc you are not really a person, you are a number and I have found my voice here.

Thank you for your kind words and support. Much love and hugs.



Ps... oh yes I did and laughed all the way through.

These are bearded collies, Daisy, Breeze and Eccles.....😁


Love the quote!

Those teeny fur babies are too cute and so much smaller than my huge cuddle Munster German shepherd.

Did anybody else read most dogs don't like cuddling?

Nobody can have taught ours that as they look,ask and then insist on hugs.

Glad you're having a funny day today.

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Thank you effie.

I just write as I feel and sometimes that can be so prolific I surprise

The darker stuff is stuff I have remembered and experienced or am experiencing, which as all lupies know can spin on a penny......

Thank you for liking the babies, they are Daisy, Breeze and Eccles.....

All sisters and bearded collies and can wait for a visit.

Much love and hugs.


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