The funny side of lupus #14

Is when after numerous people complimenting you on the smell of your hair you discover that for the past couple of weeks you have been using the lime and lemon zest shower gel!!!!!!

Omg - for the love of a good smelling bring on the other great smelling shower gels.......

Thats my lovely smelling lupies is the funny side of lupus. 😂😂

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They are all the same stuff at bottom - if it works well on your hair and smells nice - what else do you want? It's probably cheaper. All good :-)

People used to comment on how lovely my girls smelled when they were little - it was the clothes conditioner I used - we lived in Germany and my conditioner was brought from the UK so they weren't used to it.

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There is a funny side of lupus.... it always seemed that that when I was having a flare, that was when people said "you're looking well today", every time I just wanted to laugh. I guess it's because of the flushed face, most people see that as a sign of health...  lol


Same here 😁😁 Dan 🌻




And it made me 😄!💁🏼


Same here ! 😁😁😁😁😁


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