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The funny side of lupus #16

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Forgive me, my lupus friends, for I have has been a few days since my last post due to having enough of the world and the people within it and retiring within to recoup and gather myself and my strength... (not sure I have reached zen, but hey ho... lol)

The funny side of lupus is when you have discovered the zen of adult colouring (not what you are thinking or wishing my lovely people, but mine would be a fireman....) and after putting in all the effort, being proud of your achievement and finding a frame worthy of your take a good look at it in the light of day and howl with laughter at the obvious colouring that any reasonable person would congratulate a 5 year old on.....

Thank the universe I have an eye consultation on Monday.. lol

Hoping you are all keeping it together, for I am losing whatever it is I am supposed to be keeping... witn love, hugs and hands of help to all. X

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Thank you ! For making one smile ! My bouquet of flowers I so beautiful used my gel pens on at 4am are exquisite ! If I do say so myself 😊💐

Haha say it's meant to be like that - call it abstract or impressionist.  I've been painting poppies today they look beautiful to me. I showed my partner and he just raised any eyebrow. (I had a trip to optician yesterday and I'm banned from contact lenses for a while. My -19 glasses don't come so close to correcting my current -26 prescription). 

I might just frame it for posterity. 

Hi amandalilley

Good luck for your eye appointment on Monday. Hope it goes well. Thanks for your great postings. X

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! All my 'colouring-ins' are works of art in my eyes. Is it my fault the rest of the world doesn't have an eye for beauty??? Lol!! On a serious note - it is a very relaxing pastime isn't it?  

😂😂😂 💛👍🏼

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